PR Information


This is a personal blog about food and drink – there are not and will be no guest posting/inserted scripts.

The formats for any content will generally be:

  • A review of a restaurant/cafe/etc.
  • A blog post about a hotel stay e.g. spa breaks, bed and breakfast deals, excursions.
  • A blog post detailing an event (food shows, street food, markets) or city breaks/travel with relevant links to local produce/meals eaten there.
  • A recipe
  • A sampling or launch of a new menu.

There is never a guarantee of a feature on the blog or any of my social media unless I genuinely like the product/service. If you’re from a PR agency who wants guaranteed coverage – this isn’t the place for you. Full feedback on my reasons for not writing a blog post is offered on these rare occasions.


I’m based near Glasgow but I am happy and willing to travel far and wide!

If the event is not in Scotland, please consider transport/accommodation if I haven’t indicated that I will already be in the area of the event at that time.

Press Releases/Samples

I have no interest in press releases. If you’re sending me a sample, you’ll be happy for it to be shown on my social media channels rather than a blog post. Under no circumstances will a product receive a stand alone review. Some items can be included in a recipe post – please discuss this with me in advance.


I don’t charge a fee for reviewing restaurants or featuring products in recipes. I merely ask that fees cover the cost incurred to me for undertaking the task. Please contact me to discuss this!


If you wish to discuss any of this with me, or if you have a question about an existing review then please contact me!