How do you reply to What’s Cooking?

What’s cooking means to ask someone that ‘what’s happening’ or ‘what are you up to’ or ‘what’s going on’. You can answer this question by saying ‘nothing,just the same old life’.

What is the meaning of what’s cooking?

old-fashioned slang. used to ask about what is happening or what someone is planning: Hi there!

What is cookin good lookin?

‘What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’ means roughly ‘I’d like to spend time with you’ and depending on the speaker’s character, might well mean ‘I’d like to take you to bed, preferably right now’ but let’s please remember, the only part that matters is “… Good Lookin’”.

What you got cooking meaning?

old-fashioned slang. used to ask about what is happening or what someone is planning: Hi there!

How do you respond to what’s shaking?

The reply would be “Everything.”; everything is shaking, but it’s the amplitude and frequency of the shaking that is the deciding factor. The first thing that will be noticed after answering the question is the blank stare in the eyes of the person that asked the question.

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What cooking means to you?

Cooking is also an act of love, and a way to show caring. I’ll let Kerryn (who puts it beautifully in one of her comments) round up this long and winding post succinctly for me: I believe strongly that food prepared with love has the ability to pass that love along.

What gives mean?

1. What gives is defined as something you ask when you aren’t sure why someone is doing something or acting a certain way. An example of when to say “what gives” is when your friend promised you the extra concert ticket but then decided at the last minute to give it to a different friend for no reason.

What does good lookin mean?

: having a pleasing or attractive appearance. Other Words from good-looking Synonyms & Antonyms Learn More about good-looking.

What’s the deal banana peel meaning?

meaning, let’s get going. sorry Mr Chaykin.)

Who sang Hey Good Lookin what you got cooking?

Hank Williams Snr.

Whats Up Buttercup meaning?

@sho_wco What’s up, Buttercup, could be a greeting meaning what’s happening, what are you doing, or what’s new. Buttercup might be a nickname, but in this case it might be used simply because it rhymes with up, even if it’s not someone’s nickname.

What does Crackalackin mean?

The Urban Dictionary and The Online Slang Dictionary both give a definition for crackalackin’ as meaning “happening” as in. What’s crackalackin’? [What’s happening?] Probably this is derived from “What’s cracking?” which is an older term meaning the same thing.

What does crackin mean?

a greeting, synonymous with greetings such as “What’s going on?” Hey man, what’s crackin’? See more words with the same meaning: hello and other greetings.

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What does shaking mean slang?

Interjection. what’s shaking. (slang) what is happening?; what’s up?

What’s Shakin Bacon quote?

What’s shakin’, bacon? – What’s shakin’, bacon? – Go away!

What does Shakin Bacon mean?

What’s shakin’ (bacon)?

slang What’s going on? How are you doing? What’s new with you?