Quick Answer: Can I freeze cooked carrot and swede mash?

This side dish freezes well – you can reheat it from frozen, just make sure to regularly stir/chop it up as it’s reheating, to get it heated all the way through.

Can I freeze cooked carrot and swede?

Yes you can! This recipe can be frozen, but please remember to do the following; Freeze it as soon as it is cold enough. Use a container or bag that is suitable for freezing.

Does mashed Swede freeze well?

Yes, you can freeze cooked swede. Whether it’s in cooked chunks or slices, mashed, or part of another dish, such as a pasty or stew, swede freezes and reheats very well.

How long can you freeze carrot and swede mash?

Freeze – you can freeze Carrot and Swede Mash for up to 3 months. You don’t need to use the Instant Pot, a large saucepan will do as well. However, you must cover the vegetables with the stock and cook for 45 minutes with the lid on.

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Can I freeze cooked mashed carrots?

Yes, you can freeze cooked carrots for up to 9 months. … It is best to blanch carrots before freezing, but you can also freeze carrots that are roasted, mashed, or mixed with other vegetables as well as carrot soup.

What is the best way to freeze Swede?

There’s no need to blanch the swede as you’re going to be using it for a soup, and therefore the texture will be distorted anyway. So, simply take the chunks and pop them in a freezable container. Label and date the container and move to the freezer.

Do cooked carrots freeze well?

Sweet, nutritious carrots are easy to grow in the home garden, and they freeze well either partially cooked (blanched) or fully cooked.

How do you cook frozen swede and carrots?


  1. Cooking instructions: General. Cook from Frozen: Once defrosted do not refreeze. …
  2. Hob: From Frozen. Place the full pack of mashed carrot and swede pieces into a non-stick saucepan and stir over a moderate heat for 8 Minutes. …
  3. Microwave: From Frozen.

Can uncooked Swede be frozen?

You can freeze swede for around 6 months. You can freeze it uncooked, cooked, mashed, boiled, roasted or in stews and pies! Just prepare It also freezes really well so go ahead and freeze those leftovers so you can enjoy them at a later date.

Can you freeze mashed carrot and turnip?

This mash is really easy to make ahead and freeze. … You can defrost it, or not, and reheat in a microwave or oven.

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Can you freeze raw carrots?

Freezing is a great way to have great tasting carrots all year long. Remember, you can find just about anything on the world wide web, including tips for freezing carrots raw. Don’t do it! … To stop their action and preserve flavor, color, texture and nutrient loss, you need to blanch veggies before freezing.

Can you freeze raw carrots and parsnips?

Wash the carrots and parsnips. Cut off the ends and anything that might not look edible and then peel them. Cut them into bite size pieces. … Put the carrot and parsnips pieces in the boiling water and let them blanch for 3-4 minutes, depending on how much you’re freezing and how big the pieces are.

Can I freeze mashed potatoes?

While potatoes don’t have a good track record for freezing well, mashed potatoes are the exception. As long as your potatoes are coated with plenty of butter and cream, they’re perfectly freezer-friendly.

Can you freeze cooked celery and carrots?

Once cooked, it will last 10 to 12 months. Can you freeze fresh, cut-up carrots and celery? Yes, but you still need to blanch them first. Because their cooking times may vary, you need to blanch them separately.

What’s the best way to freeze carrots?

Cut others into thin slices, 1/4-inch cubes or lengthwise strips. Water blanch small whole carrots 5 minutes, diced or sliced 2 minutes and lengthwise strips 2 minutes. Cool promptly, drain and package, leaving 1/2-inch headspace. Seal and freeze.

How do I blanch carrots?

To blanch the carrots, bring a pan of water to the boil. Have prepared a bowl of iced water and a tray lined with kitchen paper. Pop the carrots into the boiling water and blanch for 3-5 minutes, depending on the size.

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