I’m Sharon, AKA Herby.

If you take interest in only one thing on this page, let it be this! I’m only going to write about good experiences. I have no interest in slating anyone. Obviously there will be the odd thing I don’t like, but if I generally don’t rate a restaurant then I won’t write about them at all. I only share good food – for your sheer convenience!


I love food. When I’m not dining out I’m talking about what I’m cooking, eating or lusting after. I love cooking, but I love eating out a bit more!

Traveling is one of my absolute favourite things in the world – if I don’t have an adventure planned you can bet your boots that I’m going to launch myself somewhere obscure without planning imminently! In my travel section on the site you’ll see my food recommendations outwith bonnie Scotland. 

If you follow my instagram – @HouseOfHerby – you’ll see all my adventures and nonsense – usually gigs, sunsets and me prancing about in another country. 
Working full time and maintaining a social life means blogging consistently isn’t always possible. Also, eating out costs money so I can’t always manage to do this as often as I’d like! Subscribe to be notified of new posts, or follow my live feeds: Twitter and Instagram. I share photos, check-ins, new reviews, competitions, and my general (yet deeply interesting*) chat daily!

*this may be a lie

House of Herby is here to inspire people to try good food.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow! I am so amaze about your content. I love cooking and aI love food and also I love herbs but dont have the guts to make it full time herby lover.. hehe..I just follow your blog because I want to learn more from your post..

    Keep inspiring us. Have a good day!



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