How to achieve Brunch Goals

If someone invites me out for breakfast, a cold shiver runs down my spine. Images of 8am and choking down fresh orange juice enter my mind. 


If someone invites me out for brunch, a lovely warm blanket of happiness covers me, with imagery of a long lie and then having that first cuppa.

I thought I’d pop together a post about my recommendations for brunch – conveniently arranged into types of dishes!


Hickety Pickety, Lanark

This isn’t my usual order, but if I wanted granola, I’d be going straight to Hickety Pickety. They have layering flavours and textures down to a fine art!

My blog review can be found here!

A hearty big breakfast

Nobles Cafe, Edinburgh

A good fried breakfast is often hard to find. I loved this one as it had all the goodness of a greasy fry up, but also beautifully roasted tomato, poached egg and hagggis for a nice twist on the flavours. 

Breakfast Sandwich

Hickety Pickety, Lanark

This is the best BLT in existance. I defy someone to recommend a better one! This is my second recommendation for Hickety Pickety, which happens to be the most exciting new place I’ve discovered. 

My blog review can be found here!

Crossing the Rubicon, Glasgow

This is absolutely amazing – an Indian take on a roll ‘n’ sausage ‘n’ egg. Whatever they do to those scrambled eggs, I LOVE IT.

My blog review can be found here!

Baked Eggs

Cafe Strange Brew, Glasgow 

I’ll have to return and update this post because this place know how to do eggs! I really struggled to order here, and these Turkish eggs were a very good choice! 

My blog review can be found here!

Singl-end Bake House, Glasgow 

I love and adore this place and these eggs. I order them literally every time I go. The addiction worsened when I realised how gorgeous they taste with cheese added – I recommend feta! 

My blog review can be found here!

Avocado on toast

Roastit Bubbly Jocks, Glasgow 

This was wonderful. Smashed avocado with a mango salsa, two perfect poachers and sriracha. I nearly ordered a second – it was that good! 
I have left out Eggs Benedict/Royale because nowhere has served me one that I just LOVED. Please let me know if you have a recommendation! Let me know @HouseOfHerby on all the usual social media channels!

N.B. I’d like to have mentioned McPhabb’s soft shell crab benedict (I have no idea what it’s actual name is) but it isn’t a part of their menu *hysterical sobbing* 

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