‘Babs, Glasgow 

When I heard that Bread Meats Bread was opening a gourmet kebab house, I was pretty excited! It instantly made me think of summer food! 

I went along to their press/blogger evening and sampled several of the dishes, so this isn’t a review – just a little preview for those of you who are interested! 
‘Babs was exactly what I expected and hoped for – exactly what you think of when you’re picturing gorgeous summer food –  grilled meat, cool tzatziki, cucumber, pickled stuff and salty cheeses. ‘Babs is all over it!

I nicked those two photos from their social media to show you what it looks like. 




The skinniest fries in existance. With a beautifully chunky tzatziki for dippin’. As the food came out I think I put that tzatziki on just about everything

Can I just say that feta and watermelon together are just HEAVEN.

I saw James Vs Burger put up a preview of this burger and to be honest it did nothing for me – I’m not huge on burgers at the best of times, as I need to be in the mood for one. The taste of this burger however was absolutely amazing. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it! 

I think this dessert was supposed to be a twist on a tiramisu. I’m not too sure about that, but what I will say is that it tasted EXACTLY like a Cherry Bakewell and it was totally gorgeous!

I look forward to trying ‘Babs properly and ordering dishes entirely to myself – sharing the gorgeous grilled chicken flatbread was painful. What I tasted was seriously tasty and I need more of that in my belly!



49 West Nile Street


G1 2PT

0141 4651882




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