Crossing The Rubicon, Glasgow

If you’re looking for quirky Indian tapas then look no further! I first heard of Crossing The Rubicon when I was invited to the blogger launch of the restaurant, but I loved the tasters I had so I came back, pronto!

It’s no secret: I don’t (yet) like beer. We ordered a beer flight at the blogger night for “people who hate beer”. The flight contained  Pilsner, Redact & Strawberry beer – I was stunned to find that all three were actually OK for me, and the strawberry  one was actually totally drinkable and enjoyable! A victory!

I totally recommend ordering the pickle tray! The pickles we got were different to the ones at the blogger night, which were also amazing, so they must change them.  From left to right we had coconut, watermelon, apple and then onion. Gorgeous!  

We next sampled some: pakoras fish and onion, respectively. They were both gorgeous, but the fish was definitely my favourite. The onion pakora was very similar to an onion bhaji  and the fish was something new and really interesting. The taste was both lemony and coconutty. Deliciously up my street! 

This is a delicious chana salsa. It’s so fresh and lovely, but I’m not sure I’d reorder it. I can’t decide exactly why, but I think that it’s so fresh that it didn’t mix well with anything else I ordered! I actually meant to take it away with me and out it in a salad for lunch the next day but I forgot! 

I thought that the Carrot & Sweet Ptato Korma was going to be my favourite dish, but despite it still being as gorgeous as I remember it, one of the next options beat it – purely by being so delicious! This curry is jam-packed full of beautifully sweet and tender vegetables and just has the most comforting feel to it. I totally recommend it! 

This one didn’t go down well sadly, the Venison & Juniper kofta masala curry. The texture of the meat put my friend off and for me it was the curry sauce – I just didn’t like it at all. 

The Butter Chicken stole the show for me. Oh my. The chicken had been well marinated and just tasted so, SO good! I totally recommend it! 

I feel that I need to give a shout out to the naan breads – they’re so beautiful!  I did that self inflicted torture  torture thing  I kept eating the naan bread long after I felt full because I just couldn’t stop.  
If I wanted a ‘proper’ Indian, I probably wouldn’t come here. That sounds like an insult, which it’s not.   I wouldnt go to most (non Spanish) places that offer tapas if I wanted to try a cuisine in its purest form, so for Indian food The Bombay Cottage is still my #1. But as far as modern twists on tapas and Indian food go, this place is right on the money!  With the extensive craft beer options, I think this place is just great. Definitely one to try! 


Crossing The Rubicon
372-374 Great Western Road
G4 9HT

0141 3373111



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