Colonel Mustard In The Courthouse, Hamilton

This is *bold statement alertthe restaurant to go to in Lanarkshire. In Lanarkshire I tend to find that restaurants are all very much overseas cuisine themed rather than just providing delicious Scottish food using local ingredients. Colonel Mustard first grabbed my attention with their roof terrace because I wanted to drink wine on it, but upon walking in their front door I fell in love with the smell from the kitchen, the look of the restaurant and separately the look of their whisky & cocktail bar upstairs. When I finally read a menu it was like poetry.

Stupidly, this is my only picture of the restaurant. I thought I’d taken more of the gorgeous interior, but for now this is it! You’ll just have to go look yourself!

As I’ve fallen slightly behind with my blogging, this post is a mixture of visits I’ve made to the restaurant! I’m a repeat customer here as the food is phenomenal.

Mackerel Pate with rustic bread & Balsamic 

Soup of the day: Cauliflower, Truffle & Honey

Haggis Neeps & Tatties with Dijon & Whisky Jus

Slow Cooked Beef with butternut squash puree

This was gorgeous. The minute you put your knife near the meat it fell apart. An absolute winner!

Macaroni Cheese with Salt Beef

We were curious but dubious about the salted beef but it was absolutely to die for. It fell apart and tasted so gorgeous with the macaroni cheese – which the chef made extra cheesy as per our request!

Seabass with roasted vegetables and chilli potatoes

Salted Caramel Pudding

Lemon Tart

The roof terrace is a perfect way to spend a summer evening!

I haven’t gone into detail with each dish, but what I want you to know is that they were all just the best of the best. The chefs in Colonel Mustard have an amazing flair for flavour. They build the most gorgeous flavour profiles and cook everything to perfection. I am slowly but surely going to not even bother going into Glasgow for a fancy meal – I rate this place so highly.


Colonel Mustard in the Courthouse
63B Almada Street



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