La Boca Tapas Bar, Glasgow

I’m a big tapas fan, and when the chance pops up to try a truly authentic Spanish restaurant, I’ll take it! With the countless tapas options available – from chains like La Tasca to the more authentic like Cubatas – it’s always interesting to taste the differences between them all.

We arrived and we’re seated in the restaurant. Upon entering we could see a group of men enjoying a few pints with some bar snacks, and then in the back it gradually got busier as the night went on.

I’m not a fan of cava at all – ask my dad who continuously offered me cava that he won in a raffle at work, and despite me taking all booze he offers, I didn’t take this the first, second or 33rd time he asked. But with that said: I absolutely loved this Anna Codorniu blanc de blanc. It was fresh but also light and refreshing without the usually sharpness of cava. 

We started with bread, olives and aioli. I commented on the stunning taste from the olives and we were shown the jar where they marinade them themselves. They were absolutely stunning tasting. 

These toasted baguette slices were spread with a tomato sauce and served with hand carved Salamanca ham. I was sceptical about how much I’d like this (and I’ll be first to admit it’s probably because I’d want to smother it with melted cheese) but it was seriously tasty. The ham was just gorgeous. 

I liked these but didn’t love them. They were just mushrooms with cheese on top which is nice, but other tapas restaurants have them in cream or have them flavoured.

I always order meatballs. So predictable. La Boca’s offering did not disappoint!

These did disappoint sadly. They were nice, but not up to my usual standard. Usually the garlic is perfectly balanced with the chilli kick. This had pretty much neither, and instead was smoky. It wasn’t disgusting, but I don’t rate them. 

This isn’t a great picture as they look pale. These were addictively good! I’m super fussy with Patas Bravas because only the good tapas restaurants do them this way: crispy with a paprika dip. I was full but still eating these; they’re that good.

These were top notch – absolutely gorgeous salt ‘n’ pepper calamari. They were so delicious but most importantly, SO tender.

The oxtail was a special that was on but I just didn’t enjoy the texture of the meat. I can be fussy with meat textures,  but to me it was too tough. The sauce was absolutely gorgeous and super rich. 

What the pork special lacked on presentation it gained in taste. I was worried the pork texture would be tough too but it wasn’t. It ticked all boxes!

We finished up with an espresso martini and some delicious churros!
This was an amazing meal and I definitely felt like I was tasting some truly authentic Spanish flavours. I’m definitely habitual with my Spanish food, and I absolutely avoid the chains in Glasgow due to a mixture of poor customer service and vile food. If you want to taste Spain, come here. Not only is the food delicious, most of their ingredients are shipped over from Spain! 


La Boca

189 Hope Street


G2 2UL




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