West On The Corner, Glasgow

This is a classic tale of brunch turning to lunch.

I just love the look and feel of this place. It’s so bright, open and modern with that shabby chic vibe. The place has a very chilled vibe and the staff are lovely. 

Beverages. I always start with a latte when I have brunch. When though this really was in fact lunch…so the coffee was a tasty, but irrelevant, start. I’ve also taken a liking for fresh orange and lemonade recently!

Cauliflower soup with truffle oil

I can’t resist a cauliflower soup. My dad and I discussed this the other day when I ordered another version in a cafe and he was of he opinion that it didn’t sound very nice. I love cauliflower soups and purées yet normal boiled cauliflower doesn’t do much for me (but of course I will eat it)! This particular soup was a really decadent creamy effort. Beautiful! 

Roasted Seabream Caesar Salad

This was the best Caesar Salad I think I’ve ever eaten. I don’t order it often and generally it’s served with chicken -which is nice, of course – but having tasted this I now realise that chicken is robbing the consumer of some luxury! As a naturally fishy tasting dish, the beautiful crispy skinned seabream with a garlicky flavour just boosted the salad into glory. It was just SO tasty and perfect.

White Chocolate Panna Cotta 

I really hate passion fruit with chocolate – I will say this firstly, because my first reaction upon looking at this was disappointment because I wish I’d known. I think the mixture of tangy fruit and bitter chocolate is what my tastebuds don’t like. Anyway, I scooped most of my chocolate to eat separate and then enjoyed the panacotta separately and it really was beautifully flavoured! The chocolates looked gorgeous and my friend devoured the lot happily, enjoying be flavour combinations more than (fussy) me! 


WEST on the Corner
160 Woodlands Road
G3 6LF

0141 332 0540




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