Taste Buchannan – OPEN NOW!

Taste Buchanan opens today, people!

What is it?

Put simply: it’s the easiest access to street food Glasgow has seen yet. The food court on the top floor of the Buchanan Galleries has been transformed into an exciting street food (code for: epic, high quality fast food) area with an amazing selection of venues.

Why go?

Besides the delicious food? Well, this place is the first of its kind in Scotland and gives independent and new food businesses a chance to show themselves off in a way that’s affordable to a new business. The food available will gradually change every 3 months to let new people use it. If you come here regularly, you’ll will experience the Glasgow food scene as it evolves.

Who is it?

I didn’t manage to taste food from  all the providers! The ones I did were absolutely brilliant! Here they are:

Nomad Pizza

Ham & Cheese

N’Duja, Ricotta & Rocket

Surf Dogs

Chilli Dog

Nacho Dog

Bao with Hoisin & Peanut Pulled Pork, Pickled Apple, Red Onion & Peanuts

Bao with Garlic Shitake & Ouster Mushrooms, Pickled Ginger & Pea Shoots

Equi’s Ice Cream

Mint Choc Chip

Paige Cupcakes

I took my cupcake home but it sadly didn’t arrive home in a photogenic condition…!

And before I forget to mention it: this chilli and ginger gin cocktail is the best thing ever of a roasting hot night after a hard day at work!

So, to summarise my thoughts:

Taste Buchanan is a refreshing approach to catering in a shopping centre. Most street food times and locations can be awkward for the average Joe to attend – this is slap bang in the centre, with comfortable seating, easy transport access and everything is reasonably priced! Give it a try – if not for the sake of your taste buds, then for our local food champions who are building their businesses!


Taste Buchanan

Buchanan Galleries

220 Buchanan Street


G1 2FF


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