Brutti Compadres, Glasgow

My love of tapas has lead me somewhere new! This time, it led me to a quiet and beautiful little courtyard, tucked neatly into the centre of Merchant City in Glasgow. 

Start of summer holidays = wine.

Salt & Pepper Squid

Exactly what it says on the ti! Lovely and crispy!

Halloumi & Chickpea Stew

This was absolutely gotgeous and I’d say it was my favourite dish. It reminds me very much amid chana in an Indian restaurant but with a richer flavour profile – and of course – and it has cheese! Because the cheese isn’t melted over or into the fish you can really get a grip on the flavour of the cheer as you eat it. 

Haggis Croquettes with Whisky Sauce

This was the dish I was least excited about as its not Spanish enough for me – haha – but these were surprisingly wonderful. The haggis mixture was addictively tasty and just so smooth in flavour.

Hot Chorizo 

I expected more from this to be honest – it was literally just cooked chorizo. I got what I asked for, but with such delicious food in this restaurant I think the chef could kick this up a notch!

Wild Mushroom Crostini

Such a simple but just gorgeous dish of mushrooms, garlic, butter and bread. Beautiful!

Angry Prawns

Or king prawn pil pil – another simple but effective classic! 


This wasn’t even mine but I stole a taste! Such a simple but lovely and light dessert to top off a really great meal!

The staff were very, very busy when we visited and they were lovely. Our first waitress may have been new as she wasn’t familiar with a few things on the menu which we asked about (which is a comparing about mine as the menu is so vague!) and had to leave our table to ask. They were all warm and friendly, and through our 5pm deal it was extremely good deal for the delicious food served! Well worth a try! 


Brutti Compadres

4 Virginia Court


G1 1TS

0141 5521777



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