The Italian Kitchen, Glasgow

After a long work week there are only two things I really want: carbs and booze.

The Italian kitchen were able to offer me both in the form of delicious wine and their finest carbs (bread and pasta) coated in tasty loveliness.

Torte de Granchio

These crab cakes were absolutely stunning!  You can see from the last picture that they’re properly stuffed with crab meat and are a generous size. I was most impressed by the salsa they were served with as it was an interesting mixture. Raw courgette isn’t what I’d have expected as part of a tomato salsa but it was really nice and gave an interesting crunch! When I go back I’d love this as a nice light and refreshing dish, especially in nice weather!

Crostino con Funghi e Dolcelatte

This was beautiful and light – so light that it disappeared almost instantly. You could just chain eat them and probably never stop or feel full! 

Penne Arribiata

Zero out of ten for presentation! I really don’t like food that looks dumped on a plate – even pasta! This was a tasty dish – an Italian classic. 

Linguine al Gamberoni

I went for something more exciting. This was absolutely glorious! The beautiful linguine was tossed in a white wine cream sauce with hints of chilli and garlic. Amongst the perfectly cooked king prawns were cherry tomatoes which had melted into the dish. It was to die for! 

We decided to go for wine rather than desserts. It had been a long week! 

I absolutely loved the food here and the staff were lovely too. I was surprised by the inside – I pictured it to be quite cosy and it has more of a cafe/casual feel to it. It’s the perfect launch pad for an evening in Glasgow! 


The Italian Kitchen

64 Ingram St


G1 1EX

0141 572 1472



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