Lunchin’ at McPhabbs, Glasgow

I recently wrote about McPhabb’s after I’d been for brunch (see my review here), and I was extremely impressed. At that point I knew they’d be getting the bar and restaurant area refurbished, so I ventured back to see the improvement. I didn’t, however, take a photograph of this improvement. But I will tell you it’s lovely and you should go to look!  I decided that after my great success at brunch in McPhabbs I was ready to progress to the next level and have a lunch! Next time it’ll be dinner!

I met up with my favourite Food Geek (I was only an hour early…) and we grabbed a bite.

I was in a soup ‘n’ sandwich kinda mood.

I ordered their spicy lentil soup which was one of the most gorgeous soups I’ve ever eaten. It was so thick, it was almost like eating some really sumptuous curry sauce. I ended up dipping chips in the soup and couldn’t stop.The chips are so crispy and fantastic – I just love them – even with the rosemary flavour – I can be funny with rosemary, but this is really light and tasty.

For sandwiches, we decided to go half ‘n’ half with one another.

My only complaint is the bread – I really don’t like baguettes this solid. They hurt my poor wee mouth when eating and trying to bite off mouthfuls! I much prefer a softer baguette! The filling was really tasty. My mouth was slightly numb from the first sandwich, but after I cooled off I loved the gentl hum of heat and fresh flavours of the king prawns.

We felt like we hadn’t eaten enough yet….

My sweet tooth isn’t really a key player in my appetite, so I rarely bother with dessert – but some things just catch your eye. Like Baked Alaska. Oh the chronic sweetness. But so, SO good! The meringue was nice and sticky ad the white chocolate on the side was almost sickening but totally enjoyable when balanced out with the raspberries and coulis. I managed about half of mine before I brought out the white flag!


McPhabb’s Bar & Restaurant
23 Sandyford Place
Charing Cross
G3 7NG

0141 221 8176



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