Byron Proper Hamburgers, Glasgow

For me, a Byron burger is a treat associated with a trip to London. I remember my first Byron experience extremely fondly (see the blog post here) and I was delighted to hear that they were opening a restaurant in not only Scotland, but Glasgow. If you want a burger, I think heading to Glasgow city centre is you’re best bet as we have so many different places to go, all with their own style!

Byron in Glasgow is very similar to the one I went to in London – from the vibe of the decor, to the staff and from their stationery to the food.


We decided to grab a burger and fries each and a mac ‘n’ cheese to share. And rum.

Byron burger

This is their self-named 6oz British beef patty topped with beautiful dry cure bacon, mature cheddar and a basic salad of iceberg, tomato and red onion. The burger comes with their Byron sauce, but we opted for that on the side rather than in the burger. The Byron sauce tastes very similar to Thousand Island Sauce! To me the Byron burger is perfectly tasty but nothing overly exciting, which is a shame. If I was naming a burger after myself I’d want it to be bold and exciting rather than plain and simple. Not that there is anything wrong with plain and simple!


This one could be named after me if it wanted! I had the chilli burger in London and loved it so much that I had to really force myself to try something new. This seemed like a decent alternative! A 6oz British beef patty topped with a big crispy onion ring, streaky bacon, American cheese, jalapeños, pickles, onion, BBQ sauce & mayonnaise. I really loved all the flavours in this burger! My bun started to fall apart a little, but that aside I can’t fault it!

Sweet Potato Fries

I absolutely loved these! A generous portion in comparison to other burger jaunts *cough* GBK *cough* and they were beautifully crispy. I asked for an aoli which was a perfect dip for them.

Macaroni Cheese

Oh yes. The mac ‘n’ cheese was just as good as I remember it! It’s made with both cheddar & Gran Moravia and just tastes glorious! I would order a whole plate of it.

All in, Byron was exactly what I wanted it to be and I really enjoyed it. In Glasgow we have plenty burger restaurants as well as restaurants who offer burgers. Many local restaurants pride themselves on local ingredients and conjure interesting, unusual and unique burgers – this isn’t what Byron is and that’s OK. There are different types of burger available in Glasgow and it depends on which style you’re in the mood for! For me, Byron falls into the same category as the likes of GBK – good quality burgers but not the local crafty ones!


Byron Proper Hamburgers
100 West George Street
G2 1PP

0141 354 0007



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