A weekend in Inverness!

The February weekend for the past few years has always involved one thing for me: gallivanting.

By gallivanting, I mean I go somewhere other than Lanarkshire for a few days and do what I usually do: sleep, eat, drink and explore. Two years ago I went to Mull, last year was Amsterdam and this year I took off to Inverness!

Naturally, the first thing we did upon arrival was to find somewhere to chill out after the long drive, grab a bite to eat and have a wee drink. We couldn’t possibly think about anything else! We arrived at The White House and decided to share some starters and a bottle of wine rather than go for an entire meal as we’d left it really late. The original plan was a meal and cocktails, but we couldn’t summon the energy.

We ordered the seafood sharing platter which was delicious. It contained: salmon smoked in oak wood chips, peppered smoked mackerel, garlic & chilli king prawns and cold smoked salmon marinated in capers, lemon and dill which was served with crusty sour dough bread, sweet chilli sauce, and lemon pepper mayonnaise.

On the side we ordered Ullapool smoked cheese in light crisp batter served with salad and a homemade chilli & tomato chutney. The cheese was really, really mellow and it wasn’t until you’d had a few mouthfulls that you noticed the smokiness. I could’ve eaten indefinite amounts of these as they were so light!

A beautiful view of  Inverness Castle at night.

The next day, we went a nice long walk and a nice long drive. The long walk involved River Ness and the River Ness Islands which are absolutely gorgeous.

The Ness Islands are well maintained – lined with fairy lights in the trees, memorial benches, padlocks, ornaments etc scattered tastefully and nice clear walk ways with views of the river. 

We then set off on a drive to see Loch Ness and enjoy the (limited) scenery on the way.


We made a stop at Nessie Land, and unless you’re a child and have no sense of smell, then I’d take a selfie with Nessie then leave! The smell of soggy damp was horrible so we decided not to pay for admission and just continued exploring!

We ended up driving down to Aviemore to have a look around. The hills looked absolutely gorgeous with snow.

This was epic. We found a wee cafe called The Winking Owl and we went in for a light lunch. The Posh Fish Finger Sandwich was everything I hoped it would be.

Dinner in our hotel was not good. So I will continue to pretend it didn’t happen. We toddled round the corner to Scotch & Rye for a White Russian as we’d both been craving one!


The lovely bartender advised me of a superior cocktail, a Patron XO Cafe version of the White Russian. It was absolutely amazing. My friend stuck with a normal White Russian and we both agreed that mine was far nicer.


Originally I thought the garnish was some choc chips, but they were coffee beans. Seeing my disappointment, the bar tender gave me some Oreos. What a hero!

My only regret about Inverness was that we didn’t have dinner and more cocktails here. I’d probably come back for that alone!

The next day we were setting off home. We had one final look at Inverness Castle, this time in the crisp winter sun. We then went to Rocpool, #1 on my list of places to go in Inverness for some food.

It was amazing, and my review will be with you soon!


To end a  great trip, Mother Nature gifted me with a sunset.

So happy.

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