Paesano Pizza, Glasgow

This will be a relatively short post as we only ordered pizzas, but I felt it was worth a mention on the blog because I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Paesano is the first REAL pizza place in Glasgow who offer a true and traditional Napoletana range of pizzas. They are the proud owners of Artisan-built wood-fired ovens from Naples which cook their carefully crafted pizzas using their own special 24-hour proved dough.

The menu is limited, but you can tweak the pizza to suit yourself enjoy a range of delicious pizzas. I will explain now to save you any confusion – the menu has ‘evoo’ written on most items. Despite working in ASDA as a student and seeing that acronym almost daily, I didn’t recognise it and opened my mouth to utter the question “What’s evoo?”

Google explained to me that it’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil. DUH.

The first pizza we ordered was topped with fresh Tuscan fennel sausage with tomato sugo, mozzarella and EVOO – and we added mushrooms to it.

The second pizza was topped with roasted red peppers with spinach, tomato sugo, mozzarella, ricotta and EVOO – and we added the Spianata spicy salami straight from Calabria which had a kick to it.

My friend and I decided to order a pizza each and do a little “bit for a bit”.

The pizzas are a generous size and absolutely delicious. I was starving, so I regretted not ordering a side as a starter, but on an ordinary day the single pizza on it’s own is a meal! The pizzas were so fresh and full of gorgeous flavours – I loved my first Paesano experience and I know it won’t be my last!


Paesano Pizza
94 Miller Street
Merchant City
G1 1DT

0141 258 5565



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