Yo! Sushi

I’m a huge seafood fan, so naturally I’m partial to a little sushi from time to time. I’m not particularly well versed in Japanese food, but having been to a couple of excellent sushi haunts, I was very keen to try out the ubiquitous sushi venue YO! Sushi.


My friend and I went along to try out a wide range of their food and really splurge. As seems to be the trend, YO! Sushi restaurants are typically in shopping malls and centres. We started off with some sushi and small hot dishes before moving onto the newly reinstated Sumo Bowls for our main course.

Duck Gyoza

These were lovely. I’m definitely more of a steamed gyoza girl rather than friend as the texture is a bit too tough for my liking. The filling was absolutely delicious though.

Crunchy Prawn Roll

These are absolutely delicious! I love the fact that it’s a crispy prawn wrapped in the rice as it gives that lovely baked-caramelised crunchy flavour and texture that usually isn’t afforded in cold fish dishes.

California Roll

These were really tasty but really annoying to eat because of the chopped up Surimi as it  partially fell apart as you ate it. The frustrating thing is that it didn’t properly fall apart as the seaweed holds it together so it was awkward to eat. As they’re quite big, you basically just take a deep breath and go for it it one!

Spicy Chicken Roll

These were delicious, but it felt weird to eat sushi without fish! The crispy sushi rolls are my favourite – I’d never tried them before now and the crunchiness works for me!

Hoisin Duck Steamed Bun

I absolutely love steamed buns/bao so I couldn’t refuse ordering one. We recently visited Ping Pong in London and ate the most delicious Hoisin Beef, so seeing this similar option really appealed to us! The Hoisin Duck didn’t disappoint – a lovely rich sauce and fatless meat.

After our ridiculously indulgent sushi course, we moved on to try the Sumo Bowls which used to be a special offer during winter, but due to popular demand they’re back.

Beef Curry Ramen

This was amazing. Quite salty, but absolutely gorgeous – and amazing if you’re loaded with the cold! It wasn’t spicy in the nippy sense but it had a nice hum of heat and had a delicious curry taste. The beef, as you can see, was so gorgeously tender and full of flavour.

Spicy Seafood Udon

I absolutely love my seafood so I couldn’t resist ordering this, but in reality it didn’t blow me away. The stock had an odd taste – one of those ones that you don’t love immediately but then get addicted to (like miso soup, which was probably the main ingredient)! It was nice and spicy and full of flavour. The soup was absolutely jam packed with fish which made it amazing value for money, but truth be told I think I’d have just preferred the king prawns in the soup alone. It’s a perfectly good dish, but I think seafood ramen just isn’t my favourite type!

     Chocolate Mochi

After the sushi, noodles and a huge amount of delicious soup stock, I was so full I was ready to burst. The conveyor belt trundled past us with some chocolate items which, naturally, we reached out and grabbed. They were really cold, really rich and really chewy. A truly bizarre texture but they were totally enjoyable!

We finished as much of the food as we can with a couple of drinks and it only cost us £50 for everything, which I think is amazing value for money. I definitely see myself taking a pit-stop whilst shopping more often, especially at this time of year!


Locations nationally. Glasgow:

Silverburn Shopping Centre

Braehead Shopping Centre

House of Fraser




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