Ping Pong – St Christopher’s Place London

My friend and I took a flight down to London for the weekend recently to attend the Blues Fest in the o2, specifically to see the Tedeschi Trucks Band. We needed a good scran to fuel us for what was an amazing gig. We are both a fan of foods from the orient, so we decided to try out the dim sum in Ping Pong which can be found in the Marylebone area of London. The restaurant is right next to St Christopher’s Place which is quite simply adorable, especially now with the Christmas lights in place!

We decided to get a sharing platter between the two of us, and this gave us three main components: rice bowls, griddled/fried dim sum and then steamed dim sum.

Fried & Griddled


Duck Spring Roll

These were a phenomenal start to our meal! The duck wasn’t at all fatty, beautifully flavoured and shredded before being packed into the rolls. The sauce that came with them was a thick sweet and sour soy sauce which we used on several of the other dim sum.

 Potato & Edamame Cake

I expected to like these the least – I mean, from the name alone you’d expect them to be a bit bland. They were probably one of my favourite items of the entire meal. The potatoes were mashed and I’m not sure sure what they were mixed with as they were really sticky and tasted gorgeous. The edamame beans were laced through the potato. They were beautiful, especially with the sweet but spicy sauce they came with.

 Griddled Beef Gyoza Dumpling 

I couldn’t eat these. Inside the dumpling was a solid mound of beef – like a tough kofta. I was expecting the beef to be seasoned/in a sauce and be nice and tender but it just tasted like pure beef. It just wasn’t enjoyable at all!


 Crab & Prawn Dumpling

As a lover of seafood, these were right up my street. The crab and prawn was beautifully flavoured with lemongrass and encased in a sticky soft steamed dumpling.

 Spicy Chicken Dumpling

These were really nice, but with all the other exciting dim sum going on, they weren’t particularly notable! But still: tasty!

 Char Sui Bun

These were absolutely amazing, and I could have eaten loads of them if they weren’t so filling! They’re very similar to the bao I’ve tried in Bo Kantina except these were filled with a rich, meaty pork char sui mixture which was absolutely decadent.

 Scallop & Shiitake

I did like these, but the texture was a little bit off for me – I actually felt like it was prawn rather than scallop within the dumpling, so I’m not sure if they were maybe a little over cooked. That said, they tasted really nice.

Rice Pots

 Tofu, Mushroom & Black Bean

This was just bland for me. I really didn’t like eating it, but I love the baby corn and broccoli so I ate them. The rest just wasn’t for us.

 Honeyed Chilli Chicken & Mushroom 

This was absolutely delicious – I wouldn’t have said it tasted particularly spicy or honey-sweet – it tasted more like a salty soy and garlic flavour on the chicken. It was really tasty, and I nicked some vegetables from the other rice to add to it!

Tea Time

  Cocoa Tea

This was amazing! I absolutely loved it as it reminds me of the Kromland Farm caramel tea (link provided if you want to try some!) I have in the house. It’s such a delicious taste and is perfect if you want something sweet without actually eating anything (whether that’s because you’re full like we were, or you’re watching your calories).

Here are some action shots of my cool flowering tea:

Flowering Jasmine Tea

I ordered this purely for the novelty as I’ve never tried it before. I was slightly worried that it would taste like fabric softener or shower gel but I was pleasantly surprised by how mild the floral taste was. I really enjoyed it, and it was the perfect way to finish off a lunch that absolutely stuffed me!


Ping Pong
29A James St

020 7034 3100



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