I love a roll ‘n’ square sausage. #WeHaeMeat

If you follow me on social media, my love of square sausage is quite apparent. A while back I clocked these beauties on the shelf of  ASDA and since buying them, I have never looked back! The brand is called We Hae Meat (Scottish slang for ‘we have meat’). 


I was invited to a bloggers event where I got to meat (see what I did there?) the owner and sample the products in some inventive ways! Delighted.

We Hae Meat started as your average local butcher shop and eventually expanded to sell in supermarkets. The amazing thing is that the quality of the products is the exact same, despite the increase in batches made. I don’t just say this: you can literally see the difference in the sausage when your standing in ASDA. 


First up: good old fashioned roll ‘n’ square. Delightful. 

This here is BBQ square sausage. I swear, they’re the future. 

We had square sausage cut up and used in tacos, but this just wasn’t for me. And I REALLY love tacos. It just didn’t work for me.

This here is courgetti with square sausage meatballs. My oh my, they were absolutely amazing! I never would have thought to squish my square sausage up into meatballs or koftas! I highly recommend it! Courgetti is cool too, but I don’t have a spiralizer to make my own!

I was sent on my way from the event with some freebies, which admittedly are still in my freezer as I don’t really eat pies. That said, the next morning after the event I had the square sausages put to good use:


At the moment they have a competition where you can win your ideal breakfast! Click here to enter, and tell them your ideal breakfast. I tweeted my answer which is this: 

You will need: good rolls, blackheart  square sausage, smoked bacon, tattie scone, fried egg and Bavarian smoked cheese.
And a cuppa. Obviously. 
You’re welcome.

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