Beer & Cocktails at The Trading House, Glasgow

It’s very rare that I’ll blog about a blog event – primarily because it’s just me gloating, and in addition to that, it doesn’t usually show off the venue in a normal light for everyday  customers. This post will show you what’s available to you, and I plan to visit the restaurant to review the menu later on. This was a blog event which was a cut above the rest, and shows the kind of fun activities available here.

I sent my RSVP to the event, and received a reply saying that I was part of a select few who would receive ‘transport with a twist’ to the venue. I expected something like a limousine or a Boogie Bus – or something to that effect. Instead, I was greeted by THIS:

 Amazing. A horse-drawn, open-top bar. 

 We took a beautiful jaunt around Merchant City before pulling up at The Trading House on St Vincent Street. The sky at night these days is just a pleasure (I am obsessed with nice sky…in case you hadn’t noticed). Sadly the horse and carriage won’t be a regular fixture!

We arrived to the venue, which is an old bank building, to be treated to beer tasting followed by a cocktail making class. Both of these can be booked and I would highly recommend them. I don’t pretend to like beer – I actively dislike the taste of beer. Despite that, I found the session really interesting and I did try a few beers that I wasn’t totally repulsed by. My crusade towards beer loving is in full swing.

 We were taken through to the old vault which is now a aptly named The Beer Tasting Room . 



 In the middle of the tasting, we were treated to some deli platters, which are priced at £5 per person. They contain a gorgeous arrangement of roasted peppers, deli meats like chorizo, salami and proscuitto as well as some cheeses.

There are three different beer tasting experiences available, and even as a non-beer drinker, I’m planning to come back and try one out with one of my on-staff beer coordinator (code for: pal who likes beer). You can see the beer tasting details and prices here.

My opinions on the beer I didn’t totally hate:

This was nice and light and fresh. If I had to drink a normal-ish beer, this would be my choice!

This one reminded me of champagne – I’m funny with champagne and this reminds me of a champagne that I wouldn’t particularly like but would drink anyway. Given my hatred of beer, that means I kinda like it. That is probably as clear as mud, but the best description possible for me. 

This interested my palate – it was like treacle toffee flavoured beer. Very rich and creamy – a good dessert beer! But for me, I’d only drink a tiny amount because…well, it’s still beer…

 Ding ding ding JACKPOT. Cherry beer. I actually enjoyed this – I have no sarcastic or strange comparisons to make. It was genuinely lovely! 

We then moved to the main bar where the live music is played nightly – what a lovely atmosphere. We took our seats for a cocktail session. We had the history of the company explained in relation to their drinks menu, which was really interesting. The company theme is based on exporting to India so the western and classic drinks are twisted with Indian spices and twists.  The cocktails, Champagne and wine are served alongside a wide range of craft beers, ales and ciders. It’s quite an exciting drinks menu when you know the logic behind it all! 


English Flute

Elderflower liqueur, cucumber, apple juice & prosecco

We were given a demonstration of and allowed to taste two cocktails:


English Mojito


Pineapple Margarita

And after that we were given the chance to pick one and make it ourselves behind the bar. We were then left to sip away and enjoy the rest of our evening! The details and prices of the cocktail classes available can be found here.

 I loved these little books about the beers they had on the table. You can imagine my delight when they gave us one to take away!

We had an amazing night here. The venue is beautifully decorated  – absolutely heaps of character everywhere you go – even the toilets are beautiful! The staff enthusiastically know their stuff – they could answer any question we asked, and the one question that couldn’t be answered was even Googled for us! I will definitely go back for a meal in the restaurant and to take my Beer Coordinator for some staff training and CPD!


The Trading House
24 St. Vincent Place
G1 2EU



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