Sugar Dumplin Caribbean BBQ & Bar, Glasgow

For my birthday, I grabbed a handful of chums and ventured into Princes Square to try out the new Carribean food and cocktail venue, Sugar Dumplin. I’d walked past a few weeks ago when I’d been cocktail-bar-crawling and noticed the surf boards, bright lights and fun beachy props.

 Rum punch & curried goat: SIGN. ME. UP.

We spent most of the afternoon in Sugar Dumplin, and we sampled a fairly decent portion of the cocktail menu as well as having a light lunch. The place is so bright and fun, much like the staff who were an absolute pleasure, so we were quite happy chilling in the restaurant for the larger part of the day.

    Island Style Caprese Salad

This was really nice and light, but truth be told it was a little disappointing.  The roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes on the vine, buffalo mozzarella, avocado and scotch bonnet dressing were all a beautiful combination, but the pieces of mozzarella really were measly. A bit more would have been better. This to me was a side salad rather than a starter – if I’d ordered it on the side I’d have been delighted.

    Bajan Swordfish and Salt Cod Fish Cakes

I had really bad food envy – these were absolutely delicious! The crispy and beautifully flavoured fish cakes were served with pickled cucumber and a watermelon salad – it was such a beautiful summery dish. The fishcakes were seriously tasty – I would definitely order them next time!

The house sauces: (clockwise from the red one) Lawd a massi, Craven, Nyam Nyam, Irie

Lawd a massi: A full on assault of scotch bonnet chilies
Craven: – A medium heat blend of roasted peppers, smoked chillies, garlic, tomato, red onion and coconut
Nyam nyam:
Sugar Dumplin’s house mayo with garlic, lime and jerk spices
Irie: A fruity little number, mildly spiced with ginger & all spice berries

  Red Slaw

This was gorgeous! A nice creamy and garlicky coleslaw with a good kick of spice.

  Green Slaw

Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy this slaw at all. I think it was the Savoy cabbage used in it that just didn’t appeal. The sauce for the coleslaw was coriander, mint, and lime with yogurt which I loved, but the taste and texture from the cabbage wasn’t for me.

  Sweet potato fries with nigella seeds and spring onions

These were nice enough but the portion was seriously tiny. They were few and far between, even if this was ordered as a snack.

Curried Goat Shoulder

This is where Sugar Dumplin came back to life for me. This blew my mind (almost literally). The goat meat is slow roasted until tender and then pulled apart. The meat is curried with scotch bonnets, ginger and allspice and tomatoes to make a seriously fiery curry. Luckily yoghurt is on hand to help cool you down! The pomegranate seeds were a lovely touch!

  Reggae Rum PunchBerries, Banana, Pineapple & Dark Rum.

Piña Colada:  Gold rum, Koko Kanu, Coco Lopez, Pineapple & Double Cream

  Bermuda Rum SwizzleGoslings Dark Rum, 4yr Diplomatico Anejo,
shaken hard with tropical juices and citrus, served long.

 Bajan Mojito: Golden Rum Appelton VX, fresh Passion fruit, Lime & Mint.

  Strong Island Spiced Tea: Kraken Spiced Rum, Hibiscus Tea, Fresh Chilli & Cranberry.

Lemon Meringue Pie

  Candyfloss Martini: A Sugar Dumplin staple, this sweet treat is an infusion of Absolut Raspberri, Butterscotch, Chambord & Grenadine. Finished with Prosecco.

Margarita: Tequila, Cointreau lime & sugar


Sugar Dumplin Caribbean BBQ & Bar
Second Floor (Terrace) Princes Square
48 Buchanan St
G1 3JN

0141 248 2255



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