Mondo Bar & Restaurant, Coatbridge

My friend and I had planned to go to The Corinthian for a tasty noon-brunch but we simultaneously destroyed that plan. I slept untill 11:25 and she was 5 minutes into a 15 minute hair mask at 11:30 when I contacted her to alert her to me sleeping in.

We decided not to let our terrible life skills ruin a foodie outing, and decided to look for something in Lanarkshire and recruited two more friends to join us. I was told by a girl I know (who knows good food) to try Mondo in Coatbridge. Coatbridge is completely new to me food-wise, apart from my love of the Di Maggio’s in neighbouring Airdrie.


Sweet & Spicy Paprika Chicken Wings

These were absolutely delicious and the meat literally fell off the bone as we ate them. The tender chicken was coated in a the sweet sauce which was quite fiery. They were beautiful. The dish is served with garlic bread, but there was confusion among us, and we thought the garlic bread belonged to us who ordered the goats cheese starter, so my friend only got half of his garlic bread!

  Grilled Goats Cheese Wrapped in Parma  Ham 

This. Was. BEAUTIFUL. The parma ham was lovely and thick and had a rich flavour. It was almost like bacon except really tender. It covered a chunk of goats cheese and they were baked to release the juices from the meat.  It was served with a radish, fennel & cucumber salad with a yoghurt-like dressing. I could have eaten it three times, it was so tasty.

    6oz Cheeseburger

I didn’t actually get a taste of the burger, but the plate was cleared and my friend didn’t speak much whilst eating, so I will take that as a good sign!

  Spaghetti Con Gamberoni 

The portion size of this was absolutely outrageous – what was left would’ve fed another person! The spaghetti was tossed with fresh and plump king prawns, chorizo, red onion and cherry tomatoes in a chilli and garlic oil. It was so fresh and full of flavour but done in such a simple way.

  Homemade Individual Steak Pie 

The home-made steak pies just look perfect don’t they? The tender pieces of Scotch Beef are Braised in a rich red wine stock which leaves them succulent and without any fatty pieces. The gorgeous stew is topped with perfectly golden puff pastry. They were served with Albert Bartlett Red Rooster hand cut  chunky chips, carrots and green beans. A perfect homely dish!

I’d definitely come back to Mondo and try them properly with a three course evening meal. The inside of the restaurant is really elegant and modern and my food was absolutely perfect. I’ll admit to never looking at Coatbridge as somewhere to go and eat, but my friend gave me a few suggestions and I think I might have stumbled on a secret little foodie haunt!

I’m aware that I have now blurted that secret over the internet.


Mondo Hotel, Bar & Restaurant
140-144 Main Street

01236 424168



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