The Lobster Shack, North Berwick

I’d heard about The Lobster Shack a few years ago and had it on my ‘to eat’ list. One day my friend and I decided that we wanted to go a mini road trip and get some lunch. I had only ever passed through North Berwick on the train but even from the train I could see it was a stunning place.

I was quite amused that The Lobster Shack is literally a shack that sells lobster!

We were so lucky that we got a seat – as it’s a tiny place that serves beautiful fresh seafood on a pier in a gorgeous town, it gets very busy! Especially on beautiful days like the one we had! The tables are made with old lobster creels which was cool.

We both ordered the half lobster, one with chips and one with salad. I’m not a big chip fan (I like them but bore of them pretty quickly unless they’re interestingly flavoured or textured) so naturally the salad was my favourite – particularly because of the amazing home-made potato salad and coleslaw it contained. The lobster was deliciously fresh and tasty – but for me there is never enough lobster meat. That’s nobody’s fault – I guess I’ll need to wait on evolution meeting my needs!

It was a perfect sunny picnic. If only I wasn’t driving…

On a side note, I was delighted to be in North Berwick. When I saw the big white rock made my day. I realised I had been to North Berwick before as a child and saw this rock. I remember my little cousin asking why it was white, and she was told by my uncle that it was bird keek (I’m unsure of how to spell it so I opted for phonetic spelling…it’s a Scottish slang word for bird poo). I remembered this for years but couldn’t work out where we were when it happened and I got my answer in North Berwick! Happy days!

We had a wonderful afternoon of meandering around the beach and town, taking in the gorgeous sights and taking advantage of the weather. If the weather is behaving, I would totally recommend a trip here and definitely grab some delicious seafood whilst you’re there!

It is recommended, especially at certain times of year, that you contact them to ensure that they’re open for business!


The Lobster Shack
North Berwick Harbour

07910 620480



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