Recipe: Brunch Bruschetta

This isn’t really a recipe. This is more of a “here are some things I fired together to make a delicious brunch for myself one day”. I just enjoyed it SO much that I decided I’d share it so that I can make the world a better place, one brunch at a time.

You can just use raw cherry tomatoes or you can be a show off like me and roast them in the oven, covered in chilli-infused oil.

Toast your bread of choice, finely chop red onion, slice avocado and cube your feta.

Then you simply layer the goodness up! Et voilà! 

This is so simple but absolutely ridiculously tasty! It doesn’t need anything else in my opinion – it has loads of flavour, a hint of spice and nice cool freshness.  In my daydreams a little pesto could be a good shout! Or some bacon. The options are endless! Tweet or Instagram me photos of your bruschetta brunch concoctions!

2 thoughts on “Recipe: Brunch Bruschetta

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