A day at the horses – Hamilton Park Racecourse

I had a rather unusual weekend just recently – I stayed up all night to watch the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight and then the next day I went to Hamilton Park Racecourse for some horse racing fun! I predicted Mayweather to win, and I picked a winning horse! Success!

The weather was pretty miserable but there were plenty of people there. My friend and I were told to dress smartly, but given the weather I think most people were very casual. During summery weather and their themed or special occaision days it’s a very glamorous affair, the racing!

Given my lack of sleep, I wasn’t the brightest. I decided to give the people of Instagram what they wanted (a picture of the horses racing…duh) but I managed to fumble endlessly with my phone and have the horses charge past.


I got them on the way back. I then went to place a bet on the next race, and using my expert horse picking technique (the name I find most amusing) I opted for Ralphy Lad, the noblest of steeds.

YAS RALPHY! £29 win to me!

Ralphy Lad’s team being awarded their prize by James Martin.

Get that wonderful horse a carrot!

We then moved to the marquee for the foodie sessions (obviously!) and the first was a Prosecco masterclass. I’m not very experienced with Prosecco *snorts* so I attended to learn something.

And taste the samples. Y’know, to “see if I like it”.

James Martin then demonstrated two summer recipes that are so quick and easy to make.I love his rough and ready style of cooking and I go to see him at the BBC Good Food Show every year.

Chicken with Cauliflower “Couscous”

This was so simple – cauliflower was food processd to resemble couscous and was soaked in stock so the cauliflower retains its flavour as it’s effectively raw. He then bunched together fresh mint, coriander and parsley and finely chopped them and stirred them in. The chicken was cooked with butter and syrup and smelled incredible!

Summer pudding

This was simply made using bread and fruit – it’s so simple. He literally flung it together in 5 minutes! The recipe is here for it.

I’m definitely going back to the races – it’s something I’ve always fancied, particularly their Ladies’ Nights – so now that I’ve been and won, I’m definitely going to go back on a sunny day or for a themed party night. If you’re considering it and aren’t sure if you’d like it, I’d totally recommend giving it a try!

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