Insta-Herby: February 2015


How is it March 2015 already? Seriously. February was a lot of fun (like every month in my life to be honest…I can’t go a few days without needing something fun to do…)! For people new to Insta-Herby, this is a selection of my Instagram posts from the month of February to show you roughly what I’ve been up to. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram then find it here:


So. February…

My friends and I set off to Amsterdam for the February long weekend for my friend’s birthday. My third visit to the ‘Dam and it probably won’t be my last – it’s potentially my favourite city break destination.

Climbing up this was easy – I felt like I was probably a monkey in a previous life…until it came to getting back down. Nope. I was clearly a hippo in a previous life.

Oh my god. These are organic, free range, 10000 karma points kinda crepes and the taste isn’t sacrificed. I know, I’m one of those people who assumes ethical and healthy treat food is somewhat lacking – but the folks at The Happy Pig pancake shop have it sussed. I can honestly say I have never tried such delicious crepes in my life.

Here is a quick preview of my Amsterdam blog post that will be coming up soon. I went a solo wander and found some really cool street art, caught a glorious sunset and bought some souvenir wooden tulips for my kitchen. Dat sunset doe.

I love myself a pizza and prosecco date. Bar Milano in Hamilton does wonderful pizza and all their house bottles of plonk are gorgeous. My friends and I frequent there for a catch up fairly regularly!

Twix. Microwave. 20 seconds. Cuppa. Bliss.

February = Valentines Day and pancakes. I spent both eating pancakes. Bacon pancakes. With maple syrup. I have never been happier or more in love.

I was invited to the BBC studios for a focus group about social media (I wonder why! It’s not like I use social media much…) and afterwards we were given a tour of the studio which was cool. This is the actual newsroom seat. Look at my reflection on the table…I laughed far too much, too loud and for too long at it…

When I was a bairn of about 16/17 I absolutely loved Ocean Colour Scene so when my friend had a spare ticket to their 25th anniversary tour which was completely acoustic I jumped at the chance. They’re not a band I’d say I totally love or listen to all the time but I can honestly say that hearing them acoustic with a string quartet was just one of the most beautiful gigs I have attended. Bravo guys.

I felt inspired by this poem called The Dash by Linda Ellis. It’s definitely worth a read.

Tea with Granbob Squarepants. Always a pleasure.

I cooked a rack of lamb ribs for the first time and chose a Greek theme. It was beaut! The recipe is here!

My friends and I were in the mood for some lunch and my friend suggested Il Capriccio Pizzeria in Hamilton. I hadn’t even heard of it but boy am I glad I trusted him! This place is amazing. It’s a casual little cafe which serves really delicious but cheap Italian food. We had three courses and a drink each and it came to £12 ish each. Amazing. We actually ventured back there the next day but it was closed as it was a Sunday. You know that it’s good when you crave it the next day!

Oor Pammi had her flatwarming party and it was a brilliant night. I definitely didn’t drink Malibu from the bottle with a straw.

As a result of me not drinking Malibu from a straw on the Saturday, I needed a good feed on Sunday. Il Capriccio was closed so we ventured for my absolute favourite Indian restaurant ever, the Bombay Cottage. Amazing, amazing, amazing food.

I’ll finish with something that will lead us into the Spring/Easter chapter of the year. A Creme Egg cheesecake. Hello diabetes. Which is ironic given that the aunt who gifted me this is diabetic. Know what? It’s worth the inevitable weight gain and bodily damage!

Until next month folks! Thanks for reading!

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