Buddy’s BBQ & Burgers, Glasgow

Buddy’s. Most people have tried Buddy’s, and if they haven’t they’ve probably heard mixed reviews about the place and haven’t decided whether or not they’ll go. I have known of this place for at least a year and heard some bloggers talk with an active dislike of their food, and then conversely my sister and my friend who absolutely love and adore the place! We finally arranged a get together of friends and I finally tried Buddy’s.

I’m on Team Buddy’s.


We ordered a disgustingly wonderful spread of calorific goodness.

The Duke

This is an absolute beast! My friend gave me a bite of this double stacked burger with cheese, smoked bacon, an onion ring, sweet BBQ sauce which was topped with pulled pork.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

My order was for good old pulled pork – I just absolutely love it. The brioche bun (I just love a brioche bun – they are just the best kind of bun), pulled pork, coleslaw and Carolina mustard sauce. The mustard sauce is very mild and compliments the barbeque flavour on the meat. I found a little gnarly, fatty piece in my pulled pork which was distressing, but apart from that it was top notch!

Chilli Cheese Fries

I could eat insane amounts of these – oh Lord. They are absolutely freakin’ amazin’! I even took a bit of the chilli with cheese on it and shoved it into my burger…what a gloriously filthy moment. Heaven.



The fries are nice. I feel kinda bad for them because despite being great fries, they just don’t command as much of my enthusiasm as the chilli cheese alternative. But still, they’re good fries and deserve love.

Macaroni Cheese

I have strtuggled for a while to find macaroni cheese that I like – most places try their best but ultimately it’s pretty bland. I recently tried a gorgeous (posh) one in Alston and I was stunned to then try this one and love it too. The pasta is good old fashioined macaroni and the sauce is thick and cheesey, and topped with cheese. All the cheese! Fantastic. Again, I shoved some of this into my burger (separate to the bite of the chilli cheese infusion) for another taste revelation.

Jalapeno Poppers

I’m a huge fan of jalapeno poppers in general, but these ones were really different to others I’ve tried. The jalapenos themselves were al dente – usually they’re much softer. I both liked and disliked this, so I don’t know where I stand. You could taste the pepper better, but I think I’d rather sacrifice some of the flavour for the softer texture if I’m honest. They alse could have done with more cheese, or a cheese with a higher heat tolerance as the cheese dribbled out easily. I know that sounds really negative – they were lovely and I’d probably order again.

Sweet Potato Maple Chips

These are odd! Similar to the sweet fries in Bread Meats Bread, I found them better as a dessert chip rather than an accompaniment to my burger.

Peanut Butter Milkshake

What it says on the tin. Yum.


I really liked Buddy’s – and that was after me being almost convinced that I’d be served an overly greasy mess of a burger with lame sides. My burger was brilliant and I absolutely loved the sides. I make these judgements based on it being an American BBQ & grill rather than comparing it to the more gourmet burger venues elsewhere locally. For all that we ate we only paid £21 per person which included a burger and dessert each, countless sides amongst the group and then a couple of beers/ciders. Buddy’s offers absolutely amazing value for money!


Buddy’s BBQ & Burgers
677-681 Pollokshaws Road
G41 2AB

(0141) 4239988


Buddy’s Bar Diner Grill on Urbanspoon

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