Insta-Herby – January 2015

The first Insta-Herby of 2015 has arrived! I ended 2014 on a high and brought it in even higher by having the best Hogmanay and worst New Year’s Day hangover I’ve ever had in my life. Ever.

I did a good job of New Year.

I was lucky enough to attend two Hogmanay parties (out of a potential 4) and spend time with almost all of my best friends. This is my favourite photo from Hogmanay of me with my much cherished siblings.

I only ate half of my dads steak pie on January the 1st. A day that will live in infamy.

I met up with my darling friends (the ones I missed at Hogmanay) for tea, cake and Cards Against Humanity. My sick, twisted sense of humour came alive…I LOVE THIS GAME.

Ahhhh…blanket time. My friends have their own blankets that live in my living room for such times as we want to drink gallons of tea, eat kilos of biscuits and watch hours of movies. It’s a good life.

Buddy’s. I’d heard mixed reviews but oh my, I loved it. Review coming soon!

I got my photos framed and assembled my gallery wall! I LOVE IT. I deliberately chose funny photographs of my friends and me so that the wall is a reminder of the wonderful and stupid things we get up to. Pretty photographs are for profile pictures…funny ones are for frames!

In all my PlayStation 1 playing days (approximately 18 years…jeez!) I had never played Worms. My friend bought the game and demanded that we play it and I can’t recommend it enough. You basically have grenade fights with your pals. Therapeutic and hilarious!

I love Paolo Nutini. I drank wine, listened and sang along and had a great old time. I followed this wonderful gig up with a night out for my friend’s birthday. It was an amazing night! Paolo was fantastic and when he sang Candy I melted. See my Instagram for my little video of it. I always take a short video of my favourite songs at gigs so I can rewatch it later.

I was sent some booze for Christmas from the lovely people at Tennents so my friends and I decided to have a cocktail session. The newest creation: Lemon Tennents (which I don’t like on its own as I hate beer) with Amaretto & Cointreau. Delicious!

I am a sucker for gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. Or gorgeous clouds. I like the sky. Waking up to this was just amazing!

Remember Hooch? I remember Hooch. The main thing that brings me joy, apart from the delicious flavour, is the fact nobody really knows what the booze actually is! It’s an alcoholic lemon drink – whether that alcohol is rum, vodka or Dettol we will never know, nor do we really want to!

See the recipe for my Haggis tartiflette using my Crombie’s haggis. It was so good, if I say so myself!

I attended the launch of the Scottish Entertainment and Hospitality Awards 2015 at the Corinthian in Glasgow with Pammi, Susan and Michelle. It was absolutely packed and the VIP area had the worst view of anything happening, but I’ll take any excuse to hang out with the lovely ladies!

My heart lies in Argyll. I took a road-trip to Kilberry purely to go for a long walk and then drive all the way home. Nothing clears my head, lifts my spirits and makes me feel more like ‘me’ than being in the cold wind, sea spray and taking in the views, smelling the air and trudging through muddy puddles and sand. The fact I sang my heart out to Queen and Van Halen the whole way there and back was also spectacular.

Scumbag dinner! Sometimes we just gotta!

January ended with an amazing weekend filled with wine, dancing, Di Maggios and then a little trip to Loch Lomond which included lunch in the Tullie Inn which I reviewed last year! It was a wonderful end to the weekend. Well actually, the weekend ended when I picked my drunk friend up from the pub, but I’ll just leave the romanticised version of events with you!

Have a great February everyone!….see you on the other side for the next Insta-Herby!

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