Tinto Tapas, Uddingston

Oh tapas…you wonderful invention you! I love nothing more than a picky meal! I recently discovered my all time favourite tapas restaurant and it’s located right on my door step!

Here are the delights that I tried!

Fried beans

These. Are. Amazing. They are pressed, fried and dried beans. They’re like a bar snack while you wait – we clear the lot every single time. We absolutely love them but I can’t see anywhere that sells them. Tinto import theirs from Spain, but I MUST find a stockist locally.

Pollo Marinado

This is a cold dish – something I am pretty against when it comes to tapas for some reason! I really like all hot dishes and mixing and matching them, so cold dishes are never my order. I took a taster of the chicken which was marinated in mixed spices, lime and coriander served with a honey yogurt dip. I treated it like an appetiser and I really liked it. It was so fresh and tangy – it’d be great as a full-sized salad during the summer. I had my taste on a cold winter evening, so it was literally just a taste and then onto the warm loveliness!

Conejo con cebollas

I’m starting with this hot dish for the simple reason that I didn’t enjoy it. The dish is described as “Oven baked spiced rabbit with caramelised onions” which made me think of a rich casserole, when really it was a mild tasting stew with pickled onions in it. It was cooked perfectly and the rabbit was nice, it just didn’t taste particularly amazing and didn’t meet my expectation of what it would be.

Champiñón y ajo

Seasonal mushrooms with garlic and cream – this dish is literally what it says on the tin, but oh my, it’s just so gorgeous. The cream is so silky and full of flavour from the garlic and mushroom.

Patata y Queso

Sliced potatoes cooked with cream, garlic and cheese…my love of potato and cheese based food is undying. I always order this kind of dish in any tapas bar! It was made for the meatballs…MADE FOR.



This is one of my staple orders! These homemade pork and beef meatballs, with their hint of chilli are baked in a spicy tomato sauce. They are to die for! My favourite meatballs, ever.


This is another staple! The aubergine fritters are served with a big jug of deliciously sweet Spanish honey. Glorious!

Estofado Cordero

This is one of my mum’s favourite dishes, and for good reason. The chunked lamb shoulder is cooked with spices, chilli and dates and is a beautifully homely dish.


Chicken Breast sliced & topped with chorizo and Manchego cheese with tomato sauce. This is another ‘what it says on the tin’ dish – a lovely rich chorizo flavoured tomato sauce. I mostly pick the chorizo and Manchego and add it to my meatball and potato combination….too good.


Fondue de Chocolate


Oh yes. The churros in particular were amazing! Fruit doesn’t lend itself well to winter, but given the season they were nice enough. The chocolate wasn’t too rich and the churros were perfectly crisp. The perfect ending to a deliciously perfect meal!

Tinto in Uddingston is a really small restaurant, so it’s pretty cosy and I think its really cute and romantic. I definitely recommend booking as the place is always busy…and for good reason!


107 Main Street
G71 7EW

(01698) 801383




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