The top 14 moments of ’14

Ahhh 2014! Perhaps the most important year in my life. Perhaps the best so far. It was always going to be “the year” but I certainly didn’t expect it to be the year it was!

In 2014 I started a new life. A truly wonderful, hilarious, fun, free-spirited life that was all mine.

For my final post of 2014 I am going to do an Insta-Herby style and round up my favourite 14 pictures from the year to highlight the amazing peaks of the year.

I decided to take the #100happydays challenge which is a great way to focus on the positive elements of your life. Each day you have to post something – whether it’s a video, photo or piece of text – about something that made you happy that day. Few people complete it but I completed it twice in 2014 and it’s nice to think that I had a bare minimum of 200 happy moments in the year!

Frozen. I know everyone loves it, I know it’s overplayed and a money making gimmick. However, on my first trip out of the safety of my house was to see this and I cried at Let It Go. So I really love it and I won’t apologise for it.

This is just a snapshot of the generosity of my friends this year. I was made dinners, countless cups of tea, had flowers delivered, cards, letters…I was reminded this year about who is worth having in my life. Not that I needed reminded though, I picked them as friends after all!

I had amazing experiences through the blog this year but I was really excited to have myself printed in a little Olive Magazine article. It’s nice to be noticed, especially as a small fish in the big blog pond!

I got myself a new car and it has been my favourite car so far. Its first journey was to the Isle of Mull and since then the random drives, sing-offs, heart to hearts and adventures haven’t stopped.

Going to Kilberry this year was a huge moment for me and I remember standing taking this photograph and thinking how lucky I am – and not just because my dad cooked while my sister and I drank wine and wore no make up for a week and a half!

I fell in love with my job again this year. It was a great distraction at first but the young people I work with every day make me laugh so much, teach me weird and wonderful things, drive me absolutely %#*#+€>$ insane but they also made me SO proud as well.

I LOOOOOOOOVED the Commonwealth Games. From the opening ceremony party at the BBC studios at the Quay, to the excitement of going to see a few of the gymnastics events. I had absolutely no interest in the events until they actually happened and I was totally wrapped up in it. Gaun yersel Glasgow.

I did a little globetrotting this year and took a mini tour of Scandinavia – visiting Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. It was amazing spending that time with my friends exploring, eating, drinking, laughing and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I have started blogging about it but I have so much to say that it’s a gradual process! Stay tuned!

The biggest blog event I took part in this year was a press trip as part of The Ryder Cup being hosted at Gleneagles. Read my full post on the trip, which explored amazing foodie haunts in central Scotland. The amazing two day trip peaked at the over night stay in the luxurious Gleneagles Hotel – see my post here. It was so amazing and I have decided that the Gleneagles life is the life for me.

The Scottish Independence referendum was really exciting this year, and I really enjoyed the rallies in George Square. I was on both sides as well as on the fence at some point during the referendum so it was really exciting and I feel like I earned a lot!

My sister and I have spoken about visiting Rome for years. So I just decided “sod it!” and booked us a trip there. It’s a gorgeous city, but you already knew that! We ate all the amazing Italian food, drank all the wine, walked for miles and loved every minute. Seeing the Vatican and Sistine chapel was definitely my highlight of the trip. That and the pasta.

The BBC Good Food Show this year was my favourite yet, and not just because I met Paul Hollywood. This year I know the other bloggers so well that I spent a day hanging out with pals and we had such a laugh all day. I bought loads of amazing food as always, and well, meeting Paul and being in the same room as Mary was pretty exciting!

Christmas. I absolutely love and adore Christmas and this year was the best yet. I feel like December flew past in a whirlwind of wrapping paper, panettone, tea, champagne, party dresses, laughter and tinsel. I just made SO many plans and had a blast. I didn’t go ice skating, but that’s literally the only thing I managed to miss out!

So there we have it! The 14 moments of ’14! May I wish everyone reading this the happiest 2015 possible – especially those who are suffering any sort of sadness. This quote sums it up perfectly:


Have an amazing 2015 everyone! And that’s an order!

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