Gourmet Burger Kitchen Glasgow is now open!

IMG_7946.JPG I am a huge fan of Gourmet Burger Kitchen. If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll probably have read my review of them, and then my second post about them where I gushed about my love and adoration for The Camemburger, which was originally a special offer but is now part of their menu – hooraaayyy! When they annouced that they were coming to Glasgow, I was delighted! When they invited me in for a sneak peak, I was even more delighted – it’s not cheap in there so a free sample was music to my ears! Here is how it went… IMG_7904.JPG The almost £1m refurbishment of the St Vincent Street unit has paid off – the style of GBK with bricked walls, cages across the roof and bold orange booths gave a great industrial/warehouse look to the restaurant. The brick walls adorned the familiar menu boards and we were given our menus – with a special Glaswegian menu just for us! It was written by comedian Stuart Mitchell and I had a good laugh reading it! Especially the section entitled “Posh ginger”!

While you’re waiting…

You can order some nibbles while you’re ordering food or while you’re waiting for your burgers.

IMG_7914.JPG Chicken skewers

These were so tasty – the chicken breast was marinated in a tangy and spicy sauce and served with a chilli mayo. Served on a stick, for your sheer convenience.

IMG_7917.JPG Halloumi Bites

WINNER. These were absolutely outstanding! I love Halloumi regardless of how it’s cooked – probably because first many times I tried it, it was rubbery. This was clearly cooked by someone who gets Halloumi as it was crispy on the outside and so soft yet chewy in the middle. The green sauce is available by the bottle and it is gorgeous – it’s a kiwi and habanero gel-textured sauce with a good fiery kick in the after taste. I will definitely order this time and time again!

IMG_7920.JPG GBK Sauces…The green one…oh my.

The burgers…

IMG_7924.JPG IMG_7925.JPG Cheese & Bacon

Smoked Applewood cheese, crispy bacon, BBQ sauce, dill pickle, house mayo and salad. The all time best seller, and for good reason!

IMG_7928.JPG Sweet potato fries with Baconaise

I recently said I’d found the best sweet potato fries in Glasgow – feel free to disregard that! I NOW have found them. These are so crispy and delicious…and served with baconaise. Yes. Baconaise. Life changing, bacony goo.

IMG_7931.JPG Baconaise

I adore this. Creamy, smoky bacon flavoured mayo. It is to die for! Perfect with the sweet potato fries, burgers, chicken, Halloumi…just eating off the spoon…

IMG_7930.JPG Adding it onto your burger is how you win at life, people. Trust me.

IMG_7922.JPG Salted Caramel Milkshake

This was liquid Diabetes. In the good way! I’m more of a peanut butter milkshake kinda girl, but this was really beautiful – it’s right up your street if you have a sweet tooth! IMG_7927.JPG I shared mine with Pammi! Glasgow spectacle wearing bloggers out in force.

I then spiralled into my wonderland of imagination and started inventing things that GBK could do with Baconaise, and their marketing guy offered me a job. I think he was kidding, but seriously, GBK should! After a bit of a Twitter-banter-storm, GBK HQ offered some bloggers a job! Here is my contract: IMG_7945.PNG I am proud to announce my new employment with GBK as part of the Baconaise Development Team! I expect my first delivery pronto!

IMG_7933.JPG IMG_7938.JPG Cajun Blue

I am not a fan of chicken burgers. They’re dry, a bit plain, boring and they just generally do nothing for me. I don’t like blue cheese either. So HOW ON EARTH is the blue cheese chicken burger my favourite of the night?! GBK must delve into dark, mind control magic! It was absolutely delicious! The chicken was Cajun blackened and served in a bun with pickled onion, blue cheese slaw and rocket. It was absolutely gorgeous!

IMG_7936.JPG January Special

This is a sneak peek of January’s special which has a Swiss theme. Chilli chocolate spread, Swiss cheese and truffle mushroom. It tastes quite aromatic and almost perfumed, in a really sweet and delicious way. Being honest, it’d be too rich for me to eat a whole one so I’d want it as a slider or I’d eat half of it and share another burger with an eating partner! It’s definitely worth a try! IMG_7949.JPG What can I say? I’m a rule breaker. I lurked within GBK for approximately 2 hours and I totally loaded up.

I went back to GBK as a regular customer this week to try it out properly, and as with all new openings it wasn’t as smooth as I’d have hoped – a fair few things were missing from the menu (I hate when this happens – I feel like they should always exceed their initial forecast for opening weeks). Unavailable burger and halloumi aside, I am still absolutely in love with baconaise and the utterly delicious Cajun Blue burger!


Gourmet Burger Kitchen
65 St Vincent Street
G2 5TF

(0141) 2482037




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