Saucy night in Di Mambro’s Deli Hamilton

In my October and November Insta-Herby posts I mentioned Di Mambro’s Deli which is in Hamilton. For as long as I can remember my dad has used their Italian sausage for his Spaghetti Bolognese. One night we actually ended up chatting about it when an email came through from them asking me if I’d like to try their sauces. After a single taste of the sauces I was in love, and I quickly referred Di Mambro’s onto the Yelp squad to get an event on the go.


Yelp’s super photographer Alasdair Watson took all the photographs for the event…my hands were full of garlic bread.


Mulled wine was enjoyed by most (I was sharing a Diet Coke with Rudolf as I was driving) and the smell of garlicky Italian food and festive wine filled the air. Gorgeousness.

So here is their sauce range: Classico (a Napoli sauce), Porco Fumoso (with pancetta), Meat Meet Meat (Bolognese), and The Nippy One which is a spicy tomato sauce.

My personal favourites, whilst loving them all, has got to be the Porco Fumoso which I’ve eaten a few times now! It’s so rich and smoky, I just love it. Especially with a nice garlic focaccia!




We got down to tasting all of the sauces with the fluffiest garlic bread I think I’ve ever eaten! It was like a garlicky cloud!


We were also plated up some of their Lasagne which was absolutely gorgeous. My dad’s lasagne isn’t necessarily traditional, but it remains the best in the land in my opinion! It wouldn’t be fair to compare Di Mambro’s to it!

(Read in the voice of David Attenborough) The wild Herb can be seen grazing on lasagne amongst the pasta sauce bottles. Approach with caution; she doesn’t like to be disturbed when eating.




The evening rounded off with us buying whichever products took our fancy – after all the pasta eaten I think everyone had developed a sweet tooth, as the delicious cannolis were flying out the door! I grabbed myself some of my favourite pasta sauces, Italian sausage and some interesting looking pasta.

If you’re from Lanarkshire then get down to Quarry Street in Hamilton, and if you’re from Glasgow then you can find the sauces stocked in Roots Fruits & Flowers. Move over Lloyd Grossman! I don’t eat pasta with sauce that often but I have a feeling these sauces will change have changed things…

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