Insta-Herby – November 2014

I’m nice and prompt this month with my favourites! I cannot believe it’s December again! By far the best month of the year – I’m totally wrapped up in the magic of Christmas (as always) so you can expect my blogging to slow down until the holidays and then speed back up when I have time off! November was a great month – take a look!

It started with a fabulous wedding! A fabulous wedding for a fabulous couple who I’ve known since before they got together; it was lovely to see them finally hitched and SO happy. So naturally I turned up to take the photographs from beautiful and elegant to….that.


I had a little splurge in Lush and as a result had a beautiful bath with wine. And a Beano, which was a blast from the past! My dad got it free and I was delighted to take it!


I was sent a sample of Daioni flavoured milks and I love them! When I was in primary school we used to get these little flavoured milks in a blue carton with a wizard on the front, and the colour of the wizard denoted the flavour. Daioni tastes exactly like them! The good thing is that Daioni is organic and free from all the rubbish that the 90’s school milk probably contained!


Remember remember the 5th of November! I’m a sucker for fireworks!


My car decided to get itself two slow punctures within three weeks…I was not pleased. The second time it was actually quite nice as my friend was with me so we bought tea-to-go and went a big autumn walk and had a chat!


I learned about a new product and service called Tipple box and got to try out their cocktails. They’re a new Scottish business who supply mail order cocktails. I tried the Lady Marmalade which was so delicious – I’d never heard of Chase vodka before but I’m a fan! See here for details – they’ll make fantastic gifts for either Christmas or as a subscription to yourself!


I went to see Kylie! I booked a ticket on a whim when I was feeling lousy and wanted something fun to look forward to, and as the concert approached I really couldn’t be bothered with it. It was such a great show – loads of fun and Kylie put on an amazing show – she did all the old hits as well as her newer ones. My friends and I had a boogie and a sing-song and generally had a smashing time!


I take my sandwich making extremely seriously. People tend to enjoy watching me make sandwiches because I’m so fussy and precise. Some tease me, but they’ll never be made a sandwich for their cheek. Subway think that their staff are sandwich artists but they have no idea of the talent (me) that’s out there!


My friend and I went to Chop Chop in Edinburgh for what can only be described as an authentic Chinese feast! Here’s a preview of the blog post which is coming up next!


I have a substance abuse problem when it comes to these little babies! THEYRE SO ADDICTIVE AND WONDERFUL.


This is a tradition I have with one of my best friends: A “scumbag dinner”. It all started one night when we couldn’t decide what we wanted for food. Pot Noodle was mentioned. Buttered rolls to dip in were mentioned. Fast forward 20 minutes and we were in Tesco buying the aforementioned ingredients and also smoked ham and mayonnaise for the remaining rolls. Fast forward another 20 minutes and you have hangry me (I’m hideous) shouting abuse at my friend to hurry up and feed me! Nutritionally and elegance void, but taste and guilty-pleasure filled!


I continued my Paul Hollywood stalking and took a drive up to Dundee to see his roadshow which was great fun. I’m going to make one of his recipes (involving baked Brie) so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for the food porn!


I woke up with a craving for pancakes. So I made them.


Christmas stuff is perfectly acceptable after Guy Fawkes night but I usually hold off until we hit December…but when there’s an entire event, The Country Living Christmas Fair, on I need to put all the rules to the side, get my Christmas jumper on and get into it! It was essentially the BBC Good Food Show but with Christmassy shops! I loved it!


I mentioned Di Mambro’s Deli in Hamilton in the last Insta-Herby and this month I attended an event they hosted to sample their products. It was an amazing night of mulled wine, pasta, bread and cannolis! My fridge is now fully stocked! A post about the event is coming soon!


Many people will know about my Malibu obsession. I am in fact generally in love with coconut – whether it’s the scent or flavour, or the actual coconut itself. Hello Options coconut hot chocolate, welcome to the party!

I ended November with a classy evening out in Troon with my friends. We visited Lido restaurant, which is operated by the same people as Scott’s and The Longhouse, so I knew that I’d enjoy myself as the restaurant group is just amazing. Pictured is my seafood gratin with Thai cream….delicious isn’t even the word!

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