Insta-Herby – October 2014

Good grief, this post is way overdue! Life has been in the way for the past few weeks and I have been insanely busy! It’s all good fun though – just finding time to write about all I’m doing has been the problem! Here is October 2014 in all its glory!


I posted this on my Instagram and Facebook and people went wild for it. WHAT IS THAT THING? For all of the poor souls out there who don’t know a Chimichanga when they see one, this is it. I’m not a massive fan of Chiquito’s but I absolutely love their chilli beef chimi! If you haven’t tried one, do it. It’s a deep fried burrito…as if burritos couldn’t get better!

I went to the Section 33 pop up restaurant in the old Govanhill Swimming Baths. It wasn’t the best food, but I absolutely loved the novelty and the band that were playing. You can see a video of them on my Instagram.

Fentiman’s Drinks invited me to a cocktail masterclass event to showcase their products. World famous mixologist Manuel Wouters was there to do the tutorial and talk us through the products and techniques. It was a great moment to be handed a drink that Manuel made! The drinks were absolutely beautiful and I’m in love with Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade. Whilst I was in Edinburgh I managed in squeeze in a cheeky visit to BMB!

My favourite discovery in October is hands-down the pasta sauces from Di Mambro’s deli in Hamilton. The pancetta one absolutely blew my mind, and a tub that should feed a family fed my friend and me in one sitting! It’s so gorgeous, I recommend that everyone ditches the supermarket jars! I’m going to Roots, Fruits & Flowers in Glasgow this week so while I’m there I’ll pick some up and stock up my freezer in preparation for this snow we’re meant to get!

I have spent many evenings this year eating biscuits, drinking tea, chatting to friends whilst one of them plays guitar. It’s a happy place!

My friend announced that he was hosting a toga party, and my response was “Oh cool, for Halloween?” He looked disgusted and replied “No, in addition to Halloween. Obviously.” Uh, yeah. So a sizeable group of us dressed in togas, bed sheets and miscellaneous pieces of fabric and rope. And we had a fantastic night using the night as training for Hallowe’en!

Monet would be proud of my gran’s handy work! She took me out of a picture with an ex-boyfriend and placed me into a copy of a Monet and framed it. I laughed A LOT at this, and every time I see it (it’s in her living room by the way) I can’t help but smile!

I visited beautiful Rome. It was a whistle-stop tour of the city in a short timeframe but I ate so much wonderful food, drank Prosecco and got to soak up the beautiful architecture. I’ll be blogging about the trip in more detail as soon as I finish my Scandinavian series.

After Rome, we headed straight to my little heaven in Argyll. A couple of days of lounging in the caravan, going long country and beach walks and sitting on the decking eating bonbons, enjoying the view and reading. Oh, and I couldn’t forget to mention my dad’s cooking 24/7! Superb!

October hosts the foodie event of the year…the BBC Good Food Show! I was lucky enough to be an official blogger for the event and I got to meet Paul Hollywood. You can see my full post here and see what I got up to!

I just love the Wee Tea Company – whose tea I drink a lot of. I am newly obsessed with this Chai tea which I make into a latte. I’m absolutely loving my fancy new travel tea-brewing cup!

Miele is a well known white goods manufacturer who I’ve become increasingly aware of due to the promotion of their steam ovens. I have seen a few bloggers talking about them, so when I was invited to an event they were hosting at The Sisters in Glasgow I was really interested. The event was designed to be calorie neutral – we took part in Pilates and yoga prior to our meal and then had a series of dishes which were all steam cooked. It was great fun, and apparently I was spotted on STV – they filmed an interview there and there I was in the background, oblivious!

Hallowe’en: fun at any age! My friends and I did a Hallowe’en version of a Secret Santa and I got some lovely nail polishes and loads of amazing sweeties! Refresher bars are my absolute favourite!

I was hoping to have a snap of my Hallowe’en costume on here but unfortunately my costume sucked. I was going as a Ghostbuster but my costume was too big (the irony being that I hadn’t behaved food-wise and thought it’d be tight) so I had to wear a generic ‘sexy policewoman’ costume instead.

This year has been a roller coaster for my friends and me to say the least! Recently my two best friends and I went out for a slap up meal in 29 Glasgow to celebrate new beginnings! It was a great night of champagne, steak and laughter. Smiles all round!

Hallowe’en themed cocktails – I present the Poison Apple! Blue curaçao and tropical juice topped with black vodka. I know there isn’t any apple in it, but the name works and it’s delicious.

So there you have my October highlights! The November ones will be with you promptly, I promise!

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