Insta-Herby – September 2014

My Instagram round up is fast becoming one of my favourite things to do! I’m forever flicking through old photographs and using Timehop to tickle my nostalgic fancy, so this is great fun. It’s funny the photos you forget despite only taking them weeks ago! So, here is September!


Wagamama. My love. I have a serious obsession with the teriyaki salmon soba. When I first tried Wagamama I decided that I was going to work my way through the menu, which I did until I reached this dish. It’s been about 3 years and I still order this time and again and I’m still nowhere near bored of it!




I took a jaunt up to Aberdeen to visit my sister and she had been teasing me all week telling me she had found an amazing place for us to go. We are the two most ridiculous people you’ll ever meet and we can have stupid levels of hysteria in an empty room. When she told me we were going to a park called Storybook Glen I very nearly died. It’s a lovely big park with story themed statues and decorations. I poured myself some tea, took a selfie with a nutcracker soldier and played on giant toadstools. It’s meant for kids…but y’know…you’re only as old as you feel!


During my northern visit, we decided to go for a delicious seafood meal in Stonehaven which is a darling little town on the coast. I decided to treat myself to a lobster Thermidor. It was an absolute beast! The full blog post will be with you soon!


I’ve had the same tea and coffee mugs in my house since I moved in, well actually, since I had my flat when I lived in Dundee before my house. They’re nice enough, but when I saw ASDA flogging these at the end of their seasonal event I couldn’t resist! My family are obsessed with Tunnocks Teacakes, so it feels right.


Sometimes things happen in life, not even directly to you, but it reminds you how important some people are to you. I bought a bunch of flowers for my someone special.



As part of the Scottish independence referendum I decided to take a jaunt into George Square in Glasgow to soak up some of the atmosphere in the run up. It was great fun – the sarcastic Glasgow humour was seeping out of the place, but it also was a lovely atmosphere. People made speeches about peace, equality and helping and accepting each other. When I came home I posted a tweet saying that I hoped that everyone worked hard for a better country regardless of the outcome, and given that George Square has been flooded with supplies for food banks, I’m proud of the Scottish. Sadly we can’t exile the idiots, but luckily they’re in small numbers.


September saw me catch up with some girls I worked with when I was a student. Pizza, Prosecco, reminiscing and catching up on 4 years worth of gossip, excitement and life drama!


This was one of my favourite mini moments in September: my discovery of the coconut & Oreo smoothie. I died and went to smoothie heaven. Ridiculously tasty. So much so that I never ever want to know the calorie content!


A girl I went to uni with is due her first baby and I am beyond excited and delighted for her! I attended her baby shower where I was given the most amazing goodie bag ever! My favourite Yankee candle and an assortment of baby boy themed goodies! We ate cake, drank tea and talked about the good old days. And guessed dates and weights!


Still Game is one of those shows that is deeply rooted in the hearts of most Scottish people. I know the words to half of the episodes, and whenever I watch the series which I have on DVD and have watched many, many times, I still roar with laughter. Seeing Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill & co. back in action on the stage was better than I could have hoped for, and my face ached from laughing. Being 3 rows from the front was pretty special too!


Uncanny, isn’t it?


I went to the Wicked Cabaret & Lounge in Merchant City for my friend’s hen do and had an amazing night. The entertainers and acrobats were all fantastic, hilarious and mesmerising in equal measures!


Some days you just want/need to be a happy, smug little human burrito.

My friend gave me these real coconut glasses made by Malibu because everyone who knows me, knows that I am Malibu’s number one fan. I was so excited putting these away that I smashed a fancy champagne glass, whoops. Is it bad that I don’t want to use them in case they get ruined?!


So here we are in October! I’m expecting the next round up to be entertaining given that during this month I have a cocktail mixologist event, a wedding, a trip to Rome, my beloved Kilberry, the BBC Good Food Show a Toga party and then Hallowe’en! Keep your eyes peeled!

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