#WhamBamThankYouLamb @ SWG3 Glasgow

Last year I visited the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School for a fun and lamb filled day, hosted by the lovely people at #WhamBamThankyouLamb who are operated by Scotch Lamb and Beef. You can see my post here! This year they ran another event but out west in Glasgow with a street food theme to it. Here is how I spent the awesome day in SWG3…


It was an absolutely miserable rainy day – in true Glasgow style! – so we ran for the car into SWG3, feeling a bit ‘meh’ about being out of our cosy beds and houses. We were greeted by the homely smell of lamb and rosemary, and suddenly all was well and good with the world.


They had their big fire oven on the go to prepare us lamb with rosemary focaccia and roasted vine tomatoes – a combination I knew I’d love!




You never see me smile more than when I’m given food.


I’m going to just throw this out there because I was a bit disappointed. The lamb was far too fatty and I barely ate any of it. Luckily, this bad first impression wasn’t the lasting impression as you’ll see as you read on. I just couldn’t believe that the stall at the front door was the least enticing, especially as it’s an event promoting lamb. My poor friend who doesn’t like lamb was trying to politely deal with her lamb until I said I wasn’t eating it. The meat itself was beautiful, but the general cut wasn’t!


Lamb Massaman Curry with Prawn Crackers

This is where things were kicked up about 500 notches. The street food area won me over. This was my personal favourite dish, the Lamb Massaman Curry! I love this kind of curry anyway, but this one in particular was just delicious. The curry and rice were topped with sliced spring onions, chillies, crushed cashews, beansprouts and had a side of prawn crackers which were conveniently shaped like spoons! For 11am, I sure did put this curry away!


Barbacoa Lamb Tacos

I friggin’ love me some tacos, LOVE I SAY. These are almost my favourite that I’ve tried, and the only thing that held them back was that they were a little bit too soggy. Sogginess aside, they were just delicious (riddled with guacamole and coriander…my loves!) and my friend who isn’t keen on lamb enjoyed how tender and flavoursome the meat was this time. The lamb fell apart and was totally enriched with the smooth chilli sauce. I order beef barbacoa whenever I’m grabbing a burrito, but lamb definitely tastes way better! I’m going to have to tell Pinto


Scotch Lamb with Ras el Hanout, Pomegranate & Sultana Couscous

This was a beautiful dish, however it wasn’t for me. I have a thing with mixing fruit into savoury dishes – I just really don’t like it for some reason! I don’t mind mixing sweet and savoury, but there is something about cooked fruit that bothers me. I know that it’s my problem and nobody else’s – most people absolutely loved this dish. I ate the lamb and picked at the pomegranates and couscous separately, but really it was wasted on me! I’d definitely make my own version of this though, because the meat was delicious and I like couscous!


A range of smoothies had been provided by Ox and Finch in Glasgow, who are up there *points* on my hit list. I tried the mango and passionfruit one and the one which the gods designed exactly for my personal taste…Oreo and coconut. I can’t describe how exited I was when I saw them!


Part of the day included a tutorial from a butcher who was showing us how to joint a leg of lamb. Originally I wanted to give this a go as I’ve never done it before, but the tutorial took the best part of an hour as it was very thorough. I had to leave the event so I didn’t have time, but I enjoyed watching others doing it!


When it came to the time for me to leave, I grabbed a coconut and Oreo smoothie for the road. Oh it was absolutely divine….life will never be the same again! If these were sold in shops my life expectancy would shrink by at least 10 years!

Thanks #WhamBamThankYouLamb for another great event! See their website for loads of amazing and easy to follow recipes!


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