BRGR – Great Western Road, Glasgow

Yes, it’s true. Glasgow is absolutely DAFT for burgers. Smokehouse restaurants and burger joints are plentiful in Glasgow, so what’s another? The west end is the part of Glasgow which doesn’t host many burger places, unlike the south side and city centre so BRGR have arrived to change that!

I have to say, I don’t understand why everyone is so fascinated by the lack of vowels in their name. Ain’t nobody got time for no vowels, we got burgers to eat.


BRGR opened their doors last week on Great Western Road and were handing out free burgers in exchange for donations to Unite Against Cancer – a noble cause. Now that they’re opened they’re flipping burgers and serving the public, and I went in for a try!


The Hawder

This is their added value piece – a tool for hawdin’ yir burger (holding your burger) without the use of the paper, leakages or spilling anything. I was skeptical about the Hawder, assuming it’d be more hassle than it was worth but it’s really is fit for purpose!

BRGR owners took a two week tour of the USA undertaking a mammoth taste testing (poor souls….) and doing research for their burger joint. Now that they’re open and I’ve sampled their food, I’d say that I’d compare them to the likes of Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The menu, milkshakes, style of food and the business in general has a similar vibe. Glasgow has many burger places, each with their own style and I think that Glasgow’s space for a GBK has been filled. I mean, GBK don’t give you the option of booze in your milkshake, do they? No they do not!


I was emailed their press release and I was SO excited by this! They have a milkshake bar where they blend one of 14 types of ice-cream into thick shakes (I’m talking 3 scoops baby)…and if that’s not all, you can add booze. Specifically, for me, I could add my favourite: Malibu.


Malibu Milkshake

I only took a sample size as I was driving (and I knew that I’d never manage all my food and a milkshake like theirs in one sitting). It. Was. Delicious. The Ferrero Rocher milkshake was absolutely stunning as well!


We were absolutely spoiled for choice as we sampled the various sides that are on offer with the burgers!








Onion Rings

The way the food gods intended them! Good, hearty slices of onion in a gorgeously crispy batter. I absolutely love onion rings, and these were fan-dabby-dosy!


Mac ‘n’ Cheese

I am not a fan of their macaroni cheese I’m afraid – nowhere in Glasgow has impressed me in fact. It wasn’t offensive, but most places seem to make the same mistake: weak cheese. You need some proper mature cheese to give it that tangy cheese flavour that I love. In most occaisions, including this one, it was essentially just a white sauce.


Jalapeno Butter Soaked Corn

I love corn on the cob. I don’t enjoy eating it in public, but I’ll do it when it tastes this good! Corn and butter go together like Mickey and Minnie – they just aren’t as amazing apart. This butter is riddled with spicy jalapenos and it just takes corn on the cob to a whole new level!


Sweet Fries

I have tasted a fair few sweet potato fries in my time, including my own and I’m going to go ahead and make a bold statement: these are the best I have tasted yet. They were absolutely perfect – crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. I couldn’t get enough of them!



I am not easily impressed with chicken wings and I generally hesitate when it comes to even trying them. These were fine – lovely flavour and nicely cooked but the quality of the wing wasn’t quite there as they were a little fatty for my liking. Burger Meats Bun still holds the crown for chicken wings for me!


Special Burger Sauce

Many burger places have their own signature sauce, and it’s usually a chilli one. This is SO good – especially on the sweet potato fries. I absolutely loved it, mainly because you can almost identify the ingredients as it’s made in-house rather than bought in. It’s a spicy, creamy, herby mixture. Beautiful.

I love the suspense when a wrapped food item is delivered!


 Delivery for Herby!



Fleece Burger

The Fleece burger is the first lamb burger I have ever tried and I think I prefer it to beef. Maybe it was my apetite, but I struggle to finish a beef burger of the same size and I wolfed this one down. The Scottish lamb was nicely cooked and was topped with gorgeous cumin spiced onions, yoghurt and mint sauce and a mango salsa. I can’t fault it!



Happy Herby

I really enjoyed the food at BRGR and I’d definitely recommend giving them a try. The sides were a mixed bag for me in terms of enjoyability, but I’m sure you will all make up your own minds about them. If you find somewhere that you think has better sweet potato fries and/or burger sauce I’d love to know – BRGR completely surpassed any I’ve tasted elsewhere!

Welcome to Glasgow BRGR, all the best!



526 Great Western Road


(0141) 339 1199



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