Insta-Herby – August 2014

Ah August. One of my favourite months of the year! It starts with me being on holiday and ends with my birthday – what’s not to love?! Here is my monthly round-up of my activities through the medium of Instagram; here are the stories behind the pictures!


Every girl knows that prior to any holiday one must go to Primark, buy all the things and fill her car boot. I honestly sometimes think I black out when I walk in because when I get home and see candles and Jungle Book T-shirts, I genuinely can’t remember buying them. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely no buyers remorse.


Baloo’s delight for his papaya matches my delight for all my new things.


The holiday I took this year was an exciting Scandinavian adventure which I will be blogging about next week! The trip started with a train from Glasgow to London – and y’know the old ‘train wine’ gig people do? I fancied malibu instead. #BeMoreDog and all that!


We caught our flight to Copenhagen and I enjoyed my first ever wifi on board a flight! It was great fun to brag on Facebook about going on holiday rather than suffer the boredom of the flight!


As a huge Disney fan, I absolutely had to find The Little Mermaid statue. Of course she isn’t Disney’s Ariel, but she’s the Hans Christian Andersen mermaid whom Ariel is based on. The crowd around her was mental, so I opted for a selfie from afar!


Nøddebrud. Oh em gee. I discovered candied nut clusters and I became addicted to them – they were absolutely gorgeous! I also discovered a beautiful range of ciders, which I have since learned from an Instagram follower that they sell them in the UK! Pomegranate cider is DELICIOUS. I bought my novelty bottle opener so that I could enjoy my cider on the bus. You can take the girl out of Scotland…


I took a train across the water to Sweden, and during that train ride I ate sensible amounts of delicious pastry, had free refills on coffee, a nice view and time to do some blogging admin!


We then visited Stockholm and I found my ideal bike. This is an advertising bike for a company called Bike and Soul who make decorative items for bikes – I think it’s amazing! I wish we had the weather in the UK to do the bike thing the way most European cities do!


To go to Sweden and not have a Swedish massage and/or meatballs (I had both…well, when in Rome!) is an absolute travesty. I can tell you that these meatballs were everything I hoped they would be, and my only regret is that I don’t have some right now.


The Scandinavians’ answer to Innocent Smoothies. Delicious. And they share really wise messages.


I MET A MOOMIN. The perfect welcome to Finland!


Helsinki has a huge market at the waterfront where I was able to buy 1 litre of cherries for 4.50EUR. I was very happy indeed. Cherries are so addictive that I was chain-eating them all the way to the restaurant for dinner! And after dinner. And for breakfast the next day.

I want more cherries.


I absolutely love bubble tea. I had a cup in Copenhagen as there was a shop along from our hostel. And that was it: I wanted more. I had to find more in Helsinki. And I did!


You know that way when you get drunk and phone/text someone you fancy, and you suffer the panic that you were rejected, but you can’t remember? I have no way of escaping my drunken sleaziness. I can’t believe Siri doesn’t fancy me back.


Good old Shaun T has been an on-off influence in my life. Recently, we’ve been seeing each other more often and I’m starting to get quite into it. Well, this week I have fallen off the wagon and the wagon has reversed over the top of me…but last week. Last week I was a champ. Next week I will be a champ again.


All good things come to an end, and summer holidays are in fact a good thing. I have returned to my lifestyle of snoozing 6 alarms, eating breakfast at work and being crabbit as opposed to my 10am rise, luxurious breakfast and cheery disposition.

Ahhh Tuesday 19th of August 2014. What a wee darling you were. Tuesday can only mean two things: 2 for Tuesdays at Domino’s Pizza, or 2 for £30 steak frites at The Butchershop. Hello delicious steak. The best part? This steak preceded The Killers concert. Brandon Flowers and steak? DON’T MIND IF I DO.


Bellahouston Park isn’t the best place for a concert, but it was fabulous nonetheless! Brandon Flowers + Malibu + a crowd singing ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ is all you need.



My last bit of summer fun came in the form of a colour festival, Holi One. The event was basically an outdoor disco where people dressed in white and merry on cocktails, threw coloured powders around on the hour, every hour. It was great fun and something a bit different! I have videos on my Instagram!


And we arrive to the end of the month where I celebrated my birthday! Working in a Home Economics department has it’s advantages; people make you a novelty superhero themed chef hat for your birthday!


For my birthday I made a watermelon daiquiri, rounded up my good friends and danced the night away in Arta. This watermelon caused a decent hangover for a few people, and several days of me singing in my best Beyoncé voice “I’ve been drankin…watermelon!”


I did my ice bucket challenge for Motor Neurone Disease Scotland (the UK equivalent of ALS). May I add, that if you drank a lot of watermelon the night before, then this works a treat to restore you to full working potential!


Mother Herb made me a cuppa to warm me up after my water challenge and then took me to our new favourite place, Tinto Tapas in Uddingston. I’m going to do a blog post on them; their restaurant is definitely one of my favourite Spanish places!


And finally…my new scarf. It’s huge. It’s incredibly soft. I want live in there forever. Summer is definitely over – the nights are slowly but surely becoming darker, the weather has become more soggy and cold and the season of wellies, cosy jumpers, slow cookers, scarves and jackets is upon us! Hallowe’en, Guy Fawkes and general autumn fun is just around the corner…and I cannot wait!

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