Insta-Herby – July 2014

Last year I ran a series of blog posts which I named Insta-Herby. The purpose was to showcase some of my Instagram snaps and gave you a run down of what I’d been up to that week. I enjoyed them but eventually stopped doing them; recently I have taken a notion to start it again! My last Insta-Herby was #7, but instead of numbering them and posting one weekly, I’m going to do it monthly and go into a bit more depth!


So, July has been absolutely fantastic! Here’s why…



My summer holidays have seen me attend two amazing weddings. I decided that it was high time that I bought a fascinator – I always see and admire them at weddings and I’ve just never bothered to buy one. I love my fascinator and I want to wear it all the time! I might wear it to work…

I have to share this gem – my friend came to my house the next day and saw the frog and fascinator on my table and decided to do an impression of me! Hysterical!

My twitter followers know by my Tuesday check-ins that I absolutely adore a steak frites from The Butchershop – what better way to catch up with friends than to have a steak and share a bottle of wine for the bargain price of £15 each?! You’re right, there is no better way.


I celebrated Independence Day. And by that, I’m referring to my own independence. 2014 has been an amazing year for me so far (despite the rocky start) and my life has changed completely. My flag cape, champagne, friends and I brought in my own personal Hogmanay in style and toasted to the good life!


I’m not a fan of football at all, but the World Cup is pretty infectious. My friend invited me to his house to join a group to watch the Brazil V Germany game. I was promised cups of tea so I put my lack of enthusiasm for football to the side and ventured up for tea and chat. Im SO glad I watched that hilariously iconic game – gripping stuff! The only problem with such a fun game to watch was that I was bored out of my mind watching the final! Typical.


As you might have noticed, I was short listed for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards again this year which is SO exciting, and I want to thank you all for helping me get there! Click here to vote for me, and click here to see an article written about me by STV Glasgow!


I went to the BBC studios at The Quay in Glasgow’s west end to watch the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. See my full post here. It was an amazing night filled with great music and banter. I absolutely loved it!


I was lucky to get tickets from my friend to see the gymnastics – we saw both the Rhythmic Gymnastics (which was my favourite – see my Instagram for videos) where the competitors performed routines to music using batons, hoops and balls. It was amazing and I was so emotional when Francesca Jones got her gold medal! We also saw the Artistic Gymnastics where the competitors use the apparatus and then do a routine. My nerves were shattered watching them!


I’m going on a European “road trip” and our first stop is Copenhagen. Being the über Disney fan that I am, I decided to grab a hold of this book of fairy tales. I’ve wanted to read the old stories that inspired the new stories for ages, and given that I’ll be seeing Andersen’s homeland I felt it was time! I’m really looking forward to reading it while I’m flying there!


One of my favourite things to do at the moment is go for long walks. It started off as an exercise activity, but recently it has been all about the sunsets and having a chat with friends as I go around!


This is my second paint by numbers this year. I loved art at school and I decided that I wanted to get back into it, so I eased myself in with a paint by numbers. It takes a bit of artistic flair (if I say so myself) to make them look nice rather than just blocks of colour, so I’ve been playing with colour and blending – great fun!


I made this chorizo, puy lentil and giant couscous dish with ingredients from my Gousto box – it was so delicious! I have a discount code (HERBY01) and you can get 50% off your first box. I can’t wait to buy my next one!


I was invited to Highland Spring for a tour of their factory and as part of that, we were taken by Land Rover to the top of the cairn. I’ll be writing about the full experience when I come back from my Scandinavian trip – it was so much fun and the views are incredible from the top!


OH HI. This little fella is called Woody and he will either ignore you or bite you. He is an amazing little Shetland pony! I knew they were small, but I had no idea how small! He’s adorable!


I was invited on a press trip for a 2014 food and drink campaign ahead of the big golfing events which are coming to Scotland. Part of this was an overnight stay in the iconic Gleneagles Hotel, Spa & Golf Resport. I am so lucky to have been given this opportunity and I can honestly say it has ruined me for life! Absolutely stunning room, views, grounds, staff and food. A full post will be on its way!


As part of my Gleneagles stay, I decided to pamper myself in my room as I didn’t have time to check out the spa. A long, luxurious bath with a face mask and a Lush bath bomb. Bliss!


I visited Cairnie Fruit Farm for an afternoon of fruit picking! Scotland is famed for its berries from the Tayside area, so I had a marvellous time strolling around picking berries and munching away. They do a big Halloween display and games, so I’ll be back there later this year for some festive fun and to buy a pumpkin! The great thing about these local fruit farms is how amazingly cheap you can buy the produce in comparison to supermarkets and the taste…the berries are just so juicy and sweet!


To celebrate our blogs being short listed in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, Glasgow Food Geek and I met up at The Drake for a few drinks and some dinner! It was lovely to have a good old chin wag and some delicious food.


You really can’t beat a good burrito. Thanks for existing Pinto!


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