Road Trip: The Isle of Mull

Earlier this year I shared with you my first blog-documented road trip which was around the north of Scotland. I am in the process of creating my bucket list and in doing so, I started listing the places I wanted to see. Visiting every Scottish Island is one on the list. By every, I don’t mean it literally – Scotland has many land masses that are technically islands but they don’t have anything on them. So for now I’ll say the inhabited islands!


I love a ferry!

So far I’ve been to Arran, Islay, Jura, Gigha, Skye and now more recently I added Mull to the list.



So, onto Mull! We drove to Oban and had lunch at Ee-Usk Seafood Restaurant before boarding the ferry.



We arrived in Craignure where our hotel is, and it was literally five minutes from the ferry port. We stayed in the Isle of Mull Hotel & Spa with the intention to completely unwind, eat nice food and get pampered after a truly rotten couple of months. And completely unwind is exactly what we did!


Room with a view!

We checked in, sorted out our belongings, scrubbed up and ventured into Tobermory for some dinner. It was very dark and deserted – the perks of off/low season! The downside of low season is that many restaurants aren’t open. A few places I wanted to see that are on my hit list were closed. We had a fabulous meal at the Mishnish Hotel.




Day two: a roll ‘n’ lorne sausage, a pot of tea and a slab of Malteaser cake the size of my face. That was the moment where I had my ‘ahhhhh I’m on holiday’ feeling! After breakfast we decided to drive along the south of the island and go to Fionnphort. We assumed it was pronounced ‘Finport’ (à la Still Game), and I tried (and failed) not to laugh when I found that the pronunciation is actually more like ‘finn-a-fart’. We could’ve taken the 5min ferry to the Isle of Iona, but we had our spa appointments and didn’t have time, gutted!



The hotel looks a little dated from the outside but it nicer inside. The spa was built in 2008 and is really nice and modern. We both had different treatments – I had the treatments ‘taster’ which included a salt scrub, full body massage, facial and Indian head massage. B.L.I.S.S.

I went back to the room after and had a nap, before we decided to just eat at the hotel restaurant, Sheallach-na-mara, as we were so sleepy and relaxed. The meal was absolutely amazing, and I went to sleep a very happy Herby!




Our last day involved taking a big drive around the island before catching the ferry. I’m not going to say “Oh Mull is SO exciting….” – it’s not really, it is pretty quiet but absolutely stunning. I loved just driving and chatting, stopping to go for little wanders and taking pictures. Ultimate de-stress material.

So here are the main stops on the Herby tour…


Only my sister and I would use this as an actual map!



I wanted a selfie with Tobermory but the sun was shining. So here I am saluting…




Calgary Bay is absolutely stunning! I can only image how nice it is on a roasting hot summer day. The bay is fairly sheltered so the water was really calm despite the water surrounding the rest of Mull was crazy due to the weather. The golden, flawless sand and grass would be perfect to sunbathe or picnic on. Given our timing for a visit, we had snow and hailstones which was hilarious. The wind was blowing a gale but to be honest it made the place all the more beautiful!


This waterfall saved me from totalling my car. We were flying along the road, as you do, and were crossing a bridge. My sister noticed the waterfall so I breaker to slow to a stop so we could take photos, just as we crossed the peak of the bridge which unbeknown to us was triangular. My car practically FLEW over the ridge. If I’d been driving at my full speed I don’t think the suspension on my car would’ve coped! It was hilarious mind you. My wee Mini flying over the bridge! Top notch waterfall too.


Photographs can’t show this for what it was. It was a breathtaking view. The snowy hills looked like how I’d imagine the Alps. The water as really calm as well – it just didn’t feel like Scotland for that stretch of road!


Again, photos never do justice. All you could see was sea for miles and miles, then the moody sky – the waves and white horses breaking on the rocks was fascinating to watch. I know – it doesn’t seem fascinating but it totally was!

We also learned about the traffic issues on the Isle of Mull. The farm animals.


Give way to oncoming traffic.


Traffic jam

It took ages to pass those sheep! There was no farmer – they were apparently just out a casual stroll in their posse! They maybe thought my small, cream car was one of them as they were in no rush to get out my way!


We found chickens! We were so excited to find them and we took photos…with that, the novelty was gone.


Um, hey, can we squeeze past?…okay. Don’t kill me or sit on my car, please.

We raced to catch the ferry and passed a hitch hiker who gave us the most heartbreaking look (her eyes said “Yeah that’s fine, you’re not the first to reject me, but oh man I’m going to miss my ferry back home to my family”) as we waved apologetically and drove on. Riddled with guilt, we decided to go back and get her – giddy with excitement. Our first hitch hiker. But…She was gone. Presumed dead. Our fault.

We bundled back into the cafe for a final cuppa and slab of cake before taking the ferry back home to reality! Who walked in? THE HITCH HIKER IS ALIVE. I’m so glad we got to leave Mull full of tea and cake with no hitch hiker guilt!

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for the next island trip which is the Isle of Islay which I visited years ago, but decided to take a jaunt back.

If these ‘lifestyle’ blog posts aren’t your cup of tea let me know please and I’ll stick to food – or do you guys like them? I’m trying it on and enjoying it but I’d like to hear your views!

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