The Best of Yelp’s Gallery of Glasgow – You Decide!

A short while ago I introduced you to the Gallery of Glasgow which was being run by Yelp, and I asked those interested to get involved. Yelp received a wonderful response from a whole host of people and amassed a staggering 1820 photos!

As the official blogger for the gallery *shines badge*, I got to sift through Yelp’s Community Manager’s favourites and select 11 to go to a public vote!

The winning photograph will be printed and framed as part of the gallery. It will then be sold to raise money for Glasgow Women’s Aid which is a massively worthy cause!

The photos:

1. Glasgow Museum of Modern Art


2. Baked Eggs from Papercup


3. Partick Railway Station


4. Good Luck Kid Donuts


5. Barrowland Ballroom


6. Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum


7. Citation


8. McClune Smith


9. Templeton’s Carpet Factory


10. Rufus T Firefly


11. Royal Exchange Square


So, vote here! Then share. Then vote again…and share some more! May the best photo win!

See photos of EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD on Yelp and you can even sign up, add reviews and your own photos!


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