New York City by night!

This is the last instalment of my New York trip – see the daytime NYC post here! This post will focus on the night time activities. It may come as a shock that I’m not blogging about the food I ate in NYC. Basically, I only ate one meal that I felt was really blog worthy (I was pretty disappointed on a general basis), but my pictures from the meal were terrible because the restaurant was beautifully dark. Quality Meats on 57th street. The best steak I’ve ever eaten. Go there. Eat. Love.

So, the evening adventures!






I mentioned in my other post that I was advised to tackle the Rockefeller Center at night and the Empire State Building during the day, and it’s definitely the way to go. The Rockefeller Center is so romantic at night – it’s a grand building all day, but at night it’s just stunning. The trees are covered with thousands of fairy lights, the plaza and ice rink are glowing with mood lighting and you can stand and watch people skating. I’m gutted I didn’t get to go on and skate!




Inside the building is very grand – ceiling to floor murals across the walls and marble flooring. I absolutely loved the elevator ride to the top – it has a glass roof and each floor is lit so you can see yourself flying upwards to the top. It’s a speedy ride, very speedy! The big crystal ceiling decoration is just gorgeous – the stairs spiral around it and then you can walk under it when you get to the bottom.

We ate in the restaurant in the plaza, and it was actually really nice. I didn’t blog it because we were so hungry that we just ate the second the plate touched the table. Service was a bit off – the staff were lovely, but they were so understaffed. The poor waiters were rushing like made and barely managing to cope with the never ending stream of people!



The viewing floor is really open with glass walls which is really good for night time as it breaks the freezing cold breeze. The view is fabulous – who’d want to be on the Empire State Building when you can look at it?



Our hotel was on 57th street, so it was in a great location for Broadway and Central Park – we had to pass The Columbus Circle Fountains on the way to the park. It was lovely to just sit there and relax watching the fountains in the light. Or watch the mental LED ballerina. Who doesn’t like to be distracted by tourists asking her what she’s doing. We all wondered what she was doing and why, but some other guy asked and she seemed a bit like “dude, I’m dancing here, Google it!”




On the first night we took a walk to Times Square and I really found it overwhelming – I don’t know if I was tired from travelling or not, but it was so bright, loud and busy. Too bright, loud and busy.

The next night we passed through I loved it – bright, loud and busy! It was so exciting and I loved seeing all the adverts, Disney characters walking around and just the buzz of it all. The front of the Disney store is all screens which change to a theme depending on the character on the big screen above. I stood for ages watching it! People watching is FANTASTIC here: people arguing with the NYPD, people hanging out of cars screaming at the guy who cut them off, people meeting and parting, people filming, photographing, tweeting, instagramming. Such a busy, busy place. It’s officially on my bucket list now that I want to celebrate new year in Times Square at some point.


This has nothing to do with anything, but I wanted to share. I found this NYPD buggy car hysterical! I’m sure the hardened criminals poop their pantaloons when this bad boy creeps round the corner!




A Broadway show – a New York right of passage! I absolutely love and adore musicals and I really fancied seeing Chicago. We debated all the options, including ones I’d already seen in the UK, and settled on Matlida. I’m going to be honest: I really don’t rate it. The staging was basic – no cool effects, the acting was totally slapstick and the script was tacky. The songs were good and everyone was really talented – the kids were wonderful, but it just didn’t do it for me. The only thing I loved about it was the backdrop to the set – I LOVED making words from the blocks!


This was a devastating moment. I’d just finished my Five Guys burger and was excited about going to see Matilda. The show started at 7pm. We noticed loads of press and security outside and went for a nosey, and managed to get right next to the barrier. It was the premier of a new movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were due to arrive at 7pm as it was the launch of Escape. But we had our show tickets. We did not see Arnie.Devastating.


In the airport on the way home we witnessed two exciting things:

1. A huge fight between some American couple and several of the security staff – it was SO Jerry Springer. I shamelessly lingered to listen.

2. The filming of a Ben Stiller movie. Ben wasn’t there.

So, as you’ve guessed, I’m not one of the cool people who went to NYC and saw all the Real Housewives or Beyonce and Jay Z. I almost saw Ben, Arnold and Sylvester. I did see Paul Guilfoyle though.

Celebrity sighting fails aside – I saw some beautiful sights in the Big Apple! It really is a fantastic city, and despite only being there in October, I’ve been itching to go back already! Any takers?

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