The Station Hotel, Shotts

A few months ago my work celebrated its 50th anniversary and The Station Hotel successfully catered for 400 people – and by successfully, I mean they managed to actually feed everyone and the food was lovely! At the event I tried the lasagne and ended up going back for a second helping; it was beautiful. When I was invited to go for dinner and try out their a la carte menu I couldn’t say no!

The restaurant is obviously in Shotts, which to some seems a bit out the way. It wasn’t difficult to get to as it’s just of the M8 and for me I’m happy enough to travel a little if it takes me to beautiful food. I expected the restaurant to be empty given that it was midweek, but the restaurant had a constant stream of customers and had a lovely atmosphere. My dad used to drink in The Station Hotel years (and years and years….you get it, he’s old!) ago and was amazed by the transformation.


We started with olives and bread to help us cruise the menu. The breads were beautiful – my favourite was the beetroot one. It was delicious. The other was some kind of nut bread but I can’t remember the name. The olives were excellent – I liked the flair of dressing them and adding chillies.




Mushroom Pepper Pot

I was initially going to order this as my starter – I was stuck between choosing this and the special. I lucked out when my dad chose this so I could try his and order the special for myself. It was gorgeous – a really strong taste with nice flavours. The fresh button mushrooms were cooked in a creamy yet fiery peppercorn sauce and placed on top of a garlic ciabatta. This was topped with fresh rocket. The garlic ciabatta was the perfect vehicle for the mushrooms and peppery rocket.


Daily Special – Chorizo in Red Wine Cream

I am SO glad that I chose this dish. I’m going to go all out and say that it’s absolutely, definitely my favourite chorizo dish that I have ever tried. Pictures do not do this dish justice; it is the perfect comfort food with a bit of a luxurious feel to it. The chorizo, smoky and deep as always was really tender – often people dislike it because it’s too chewy, not the case here. The red wine, herb and cream sauce was so velvety and rich. I wiped the bowl clean with the crusty bread. It was heavenly. If I could go back in time I’d order it as a main course as well as a starter. It’s that good.

Main Courses



Steak pie

Good old steak pie – the food of champions! This was a hearty portion – lots of tender beef, lovely golden puff pasty and the trimmings.


‘Big bowls’ – House Chowder

I noticed on the menu that they have a section called ‘Big Bowls’ which includes dishes such as sweet & sour chicken or chilli. I decided to try their house Chowder recipe which contains the standard smoked and unsmoked haddock in the cream sauce, but they also include peas, corn and a king prawn beignet. This was ridiculously filling. Under no circumstances would I ever order this unless I was eating it on its own! They offer smaller portions as part of their OAP meal deals, so I’d recommend that portion size! It was beautiful with the peas and corn (peas and corn together are just fantastic) and plenty fish. Lovely.



Sticky Toffee Pudding


Cappuccino & Bailey’s Latte

We ordered the sticky toffee pudding to share and we ordered a coffee each. I decided to push the boat out and go for a Bailey’s Latte. Oh lordy. AMAZING. If you like coffee and you like Bailey’s, you just absolutely have to put the two together!

From start to finish, we had a brilliant meal. We were served by a couple of people and they were all really friendly and warm. I almost felt like a local. The comfortable restaurant had a great atmosphere with plenty of the actual locals coming in to use the bar or the restaurant. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the food – I expected it to be nice, but the chorizo absolutely blew me away. It’s definitely somewhere to give a try!


92 Station Rd

(01501) 820352



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