Yelp’s Gallery of Glasgow

I’m sure you’re all full of questions – What is it? Where is it? When is it? Why is it happening, and how can you get involved? Look no further!

What is Yelp?

Yelp is a website and mobile app that you might have noticed me mention or it might have popped up on my Twitter feed when I check in or add content to the Yelp pages. Its purpose is to give consumers the ability to rate and review businesses, upload photographs from their own point of view and also give each other hints and tips about the business. It also connects people with these great local businesses – anything from restaurants, bars and spas to dog groomers, parks and shops. The Yelp community is made up of locals who share their opinions about local businesses, both online and offline.


Photo: Bex M

What is the Gallery of Glasgow?

As the name suggests, this is a gallery, and it’s a gallery of photographs taken by the everyday Joe Bloggs (no pun intended) of Glasgow. The aim of this gallery is to depict the city – the people, the places and architecture, the food and the atmosphere.


Photo: Julie M

When is it?

Right now! Any photos uploaded to Yelp between January 27th to March 31st will be considered for the gallery. If they’re not used for the gallery, they’ll be at least featured on the business page of the business the photo is of.


Photo: Donald M

Where is it?

The gallery will be showcased in Ubiquitous Chip which can be found on Ashton Lane in Glasgow. Until then, you can find all the photos in the running on this Pinterest page and you can stay tuned to House of Herby where I’ll be doing frequent round ups!


Photo: Adele R

Why is it happening?

Why the hell not? In seriousness, all eyes are on Glasgow this year. 2014 holds LOADS for the city and visitors to it. This gallery will show everyone the beauty, the fun and what’s on.


Photo: Michelle M

How can I get involved?

To enter your photos into the gallery, all you need to do is upload your photos to the Yelp business page of whichever place/company/restaurant/etc your photograph is of. There’s this talk thread where you get some tips & tricks too!

Useful Information


Yelp’s Gallery of Glasgow Pinterest

Yelp ‘How to take part’

Cover photo: Jonathan M

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