Five Guys Burgers & Fries – New York City

During the summer I was in London and due to the recent opening of the first UK Five Guys burger shop, I was excited to try it. As you might remember, so were hundreds of others, and the huge queue trailed round the corner and down the street. Luckily, we sought Five Guys in the Big Apple and found that New Yorkers aren’t quite as hysterically excited about the chain – we could join a normal sized queue, be served and get seated.


We didn’t have the use of our phones, expecting to coast by on wifi…which as it happens only works in close proximity to a Starbucks. Y’know how everyone thinks they’re everywhere? Not really the case when you need wifi. We knew the approximate location and sniffed the burgers out like police dogs. We finally saw the red sign and excitedly ran in.


I loved that a big chain, in an even bigger city had a personal touch like this. It’s only now I’m remembering and feeling annoyed that I didn’t contribute. The atmosphere had one extra special touch:


See the staff member with her hand in the air? Sang her heart out while flipping burgers. She kept customers and fellow staff members amused. I don’t remember even having a conversation while eating as we were listening to her and her hilarious chat and singing. The restaurant was just off Broadway, I shouldn’t have expected anything else!




I ordered a double cheeseburger with crispy bacon, fries and a diet coke and was given my ticket to hand to the staff at the serving end of the counter. The tickets reminded me of the queue at the butcher section of Safeway when I was a child. I do love a novelty.

The burger looks like a McDonald’s, but it tastes so much better. The only way I could describe it is by saying its a classy McDonald’s. The burger is messy and simple, but it tastes absolutely glorious. Lovely beef, really gooey American cheese in a sweet bun. And you’ll never guess what!…I FINISHED THE WHOLE BURGER. Regular readers know who I usually get halfway through a burger and psych out. This one was polished off!


Happy days! We had tickets to see Matilda on Broadway and we were really looking forward to it. That was until we walked out of Five Guys to see the press, security guards and a red carpet leading up to the cinema nearby. We lurked excitedly and eventually caught a security guard to ask what was happening.

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger were due to arrive at 7pm for the premier of Escape. Matilda started at 7pm. I was truly devastated – I’m a long time Arnie fan. Look how close we were to the barrier!


It was a bittersweet experience: top burgers, but meeting Arnold will have to wait for me!



Five Guys Burgers & Fries

1 – 3 Long Acre





Various locations see here.



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