Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

As many of you know I was short listed for the award of ‘Best Food Blogger’ in the fiercely competitive competition run by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

When I was first short listed I thought there had been 43,000 nominations…when I got to the awards I realised that 43,000 blogs had been nominated across all the categories. I was absolutely thrilled to realise that House of Herby was one of them! I didn’t expect to win, and I wasn’t disappointed with that. I’m just so grateful to everyone who nominated and then voted for me!

The awards ceremony took place in the OXO Tower on the Thames in London. It was surreal to be in this event with step and repeaters, sponsored stalls, editors and all these bloggers who I recognise but I haven’t met. Firstly, here is a video of the events. The first image of me is me eating. Typical.

The event was sponsored by several companies who donated products, food, drink and gifts to the event.




The food was amazing. The chicken salad wasn’t my thing, but the other two were absolutely beautiful. Cheese soufflé with wilted spinach and pumpkin and a slow braised beef portion with caramelised carrots and potato. Delicious.



The bar was sponsored by Pinky Vodka which is described as vodka botanically brewed to meet the taste of women. I hate vodka, I really do. I can drink it in cocktails where the taste isn’t at all noticeable. I loved all of the cocktails made with Pinky vodka, so they’ve obviously got the science of it right. I drank a few more than I maybe should have…

Pinky Cosmo

1½ parts Pinky Vodka
½ part cranberry juice
¼ part Triple Sec
Squeeze of lime.

Pink Kat

1 part Pinky Vodka
1 part Club Soda/Tonic
½ a lime squeezed
Top up with lime juice.

Pink Raspberry Lemon Drop

3 parts Pinky Vodka
1 part Triple Sec
1 part sweet and sour
Splash of raspberry liqueur (my favourite is Chambord)


There were hair stylists, nail technicians, beauticians and more available to pamper us all. I was happy to enjoy the free bar and get my nails done!



I had fun posing for photos, meeting other bloggers, eating, drinking, getting my nails done….the night flew past. I had a great time, and if it’s the only award ceremony I go to then I’m happy with that! Huge congratulations to everyone short listed and to those who won awards! Check out the short list and read some of the blogs if you’re interested! I found a few gems!

PS. Thank you to Grant, Tracey and Mark who convinced me to go to the awards. You were all right!

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