The Camemburger – Gourmet Burger Kitchen


A Camembert burger. Let your imagination run wild…and I’d bet you won’t have even come close to conjuring up a burger as beautiful as the beauty and beast from Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Camembert is one of my favourite cheeses, if not THE favourite. And GBK has impressed me before with their burgers loaded with Camembert, so my expectations were up here! *points above head*


And now, a piece of poetry.


Juicy beef patty, onion jam,

Camembert and hash brown,

Mayonnaise laced with truffle,

Sweet brioche bun.

Beautiful, isn’t it?



The only word to accurately sum up this burger is: DECADENT. It was sinful and luxurious. I never finish burgers, that’s a given with me (I just physically can’t manage it), but I ate a lot of this one as I felt so addicted to it. The beef was medium and juicy but charred on the outside so it was full of flavour. The sweetness of the Camembert and crispy hash brown complimented it perfectly. The tangy onion jam and smooth, earthy truffle mayonnaise just topped it off. I’m in love. L.O.V.E.

GBK – this should be a permanent fixture, not a special!


I decided to wash my beastly burger down with some calories. Beautiful creamy, biscuity calories, blended in the form of an Oreo milkshake. Wonderful.



We ordered some sides – skinny fries and onion rings. Now, I assumed the skinny fries were just fries as opposed to chips. No. These were a quarter of the thickness of McDonald’s fries and were crispy. I suppose, credit where it’s due, they added a nice crunchy texture…..but they aren’t my thing; I was a bit disappointed. The onion rings…well, JUST LOOK AT THEM. Yum.

We filled our bellies and made our way to the Elvington airfield to take part in some fancy car driving. It has become a fairly regular hobby of Father Herb (my dad, not a priest) to drive down, eat burgers and drive expensive cars. Beauties aren’t they?


Everyman Driving in Yorkshire

If you’re interested, there website is here. You can pay when you arrive or book online. I always use as they always have excellent deals!

They go for the Audi R8, Aston Martin and Lamborghini….I go for the food.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen,


7 Lendal,



(0190) 463 9537

Various outlets across the UK (Most importantly, one in Edinburgh!)



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