A Herb’s weekend in London!

I thought I’d do a little anecdotal recap of the weekend I had in London. I’ve already covered the foodie parts of my trip in detail, but as I’m trying to spread my Herby wings and I’m aiming to do some lifestyle posts as well as get back into sharing recipes, I thought I’d show you the weekend in (censored) full. A weekend in the life of a Herb, as you will.

Tiny backstory: when I was in my last year of university, I stayed in a hostel in Paris. It was really (REALLY) cheap, clean, safe and comfortable but also completely ridiculous. I remember thinking to myself that when I graduated and was working full time I’d go and see loads of new places and be able to afford the nice hotels.

Fast forward to 2013: ha! No way. Life experience has taught me that its silly to pay for nice hotels unless you plan to sit in them admiring the wallpaper and curtains. I need a crash pad – somewhere to leave my bags, have a shower and sleep. This trip to London (where I’ve been a few times but crashed with friends) involved my first hostel since 2008.


We arrived and went to our room, curious to see whether or not it was habitable. It was. Even better, it had a chute. We played on the chute, had a shower in the cupboard shower and then went for tacos and cocktails.


And had great fun in the feature caravan. Not that I condone standing on a coffee table.


We moved onto Bill’s for a breakfast of the gods before taking a jaunt into the centre of the city. It was 30°C in the blistering city afternoon, so running into a 0°C hideaway was the perfect idea.


I think I make a pretty hilarious Eskimo.


We then walked through the shops and ogled all the beautiful things. Due to partial tube closures – and may I say that partial closures are extremely traumatic, I’d hate to witness the whole thing close – we had to walk. In the 30°C heat. We were after Five Guys burgers, but the queue was outrageous – at least 50 people trailing out the door. Oh hey Byron Burger round the corner. M disappointment was cured by delicious burgers and macaroni cheese.

Back to the hostel we went to get our handbags, gladrags and war paint on for the second night. We went to a club nearby which was, to put it bluntly, rubbish. Boring, boring, boring music – like a 2 hour long intro for a song that never kicks in.

Some people went home, some went wild.


Who on earth decided to put a swimming pool into a nightclub?


What if some idiot slips and falls in?


She might have to walk out the club, with a staff member mopping the floor behind her. She might need to walk home because she can’t get in a taxi. She might have no shame, think its hilarious and blog about it…

Oh wait.

What a fantastic time I had with absolutely wonderful friends.

As I said: weekend in the life of a Herb.

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