Ice Bar in London

I was in London for a meet up with friends and it was just a casual affair, but I actually had an action packed 2 days! My friend Laura (who is known as the Lauracle as she knows so much stuff and is a living, breathing, walking social calendar) booked us into the Ice Bar. It was a good thing too, given that London was a torturous 30°C outside!



Everything inside is made out of crystal clear ice harvested especially from the frozen Torne River in Jukkasjärvi (blatantly copied and pasted that; not a chance I could spell it!), Northern Sweden and they have annually changed themes for the bar. This year is the ‘Galactic Frontier’ theme, complete with a model of Earth made from ice!

For £16 you have a 40 minute slot in the ice bar, hire of your thermal cloak and a cocktail from their impressive cocktail menu. Of course you can order more cocktails during your slot – they have a huge selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails that sound delicious.



I had a try of a few and they were beautiful. I ordered ‘Galactic Frontiers’ which is a blueberry infused Tanqueray gin with crème de cassis, pomegranate juice and lychee juice. Mine was very strong – who orders a gin cocktail the day after the night before? Oh yeah, me. It was nice but it was too much alcohol to have more than the one! We sipped our drinks and admired the wonder that was our ice cave. We chatted, drank and took photos galore.




I’m pretty easily amused – I loved my cape and was sad to have to return it! My cape only had one glove which made holding drinks difficult. To try anyone else’s I had to be fed as the glasses melt and slide from your warm hands! I tried a fair few and they were all beautiful. They don’t skimp on the alcohol, let me tell you.



We were late in arriving so we only had 30 minutes or so and to be honest it was plenty time! By the end of the session there was a sea of empty ice glasses and a bunch of happy, chilled out, watered and amused people. Going back into the 30°C sunshine was that little bit more bearable!


31-33 Heddon Street



0207 478 8910



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